Chapter 31

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"WAKE up, will you?"

Lily jolted straight upright, her heart beating quickly. Another nightmare—Brennon was there, and that Dezhayan commander she'd killed, but when she'd stabbed him, his face had turned into that of that assassin's, the one who'd tried to kill Hosun—

"Are you alright, Lily?"

She looked to the side to see Adrian watching her with worried eyes. She nodded swallowing. "A nightmare. I'm fine. Now, what's happening—"

The Gongjensu.

Her eyes shot open. "The meeting! I have to go!"

Adrian nodded, still watching her with concerned eyes. "Yes, now come on."

Lily grimaced and got out of bed, smoothing her rumpled outfit. It was suitable to wear, honestly.

"No weapons," Adrian reminded.

"Right," Lily said, nodding.

"Let's go, see what they want," Adrian said, sighing. Lily yawned as she followed him outside, deep into the forest.

"You're late."

Lily started at the deep voice and turned to see the Dezhayan man, Fazil Askari standing there.

"Apologies, sir," Adrian said quickly.

The man grunted. "Very well. You two, follow me."

He led them to the hollow of a tree, climbing inside of it. Lily gave Adrian a confused glance.

"The underground tunnels," Adrian said, gesturing at the dark, gaping hole.

Lily nodded, biting her lip. "Let's go."

Adrian climbed in first, and she took a deep breath before jumping in, hitting the ground with a soft thud.

She blinked, eyes adjusting to the dim light, three figures in front of her. Two women and the Dezhayan. Adrian was to the side.

"Lily Quilan. Or, rather, Jade-Lily Bo'ehr," one of the women said, raising an eyebrow. She was a Dezhayan as well, with skin that blended into the darkness.

Lily nodded. "I don't use that name anymore."

The other woman, an Arrian, tilted her head to the side. "Why not?"

Lily pressed her lips together. "I don't want to be tied to my old kingdom, or my own people. They did nothing for me."

"So, you are willing to betray your kingdom?" the Dezhayan woman asked.

Lily shook her head. "It's not my kingdom anymore. I just want to make them pay."

"Make who pay?" The Arrian woman asked, taking a step forward.

"The king. Everyone who didn't defend me."

The Arrian woman snorted. "You aren't the only one who wants to see the king fall."

"Taya!" The Dezhayan woman hissed, turning her head sharply.

The Arrian woman glanced at the floor.

Fazil Askari cleared his throat. "Before we proceed, we do have a question."

Lily nodded, swallowing.

"Is there a reason this man comes to visit you at night?"

Lily's heart leaped into her throat as she looked at Adrian.

His eyes widened a bit, but he looked calm. He cleared his throat, glancing at Lily. "You see, Lily and I are..."

He trailed off, reaching out and grabbing Lily's hand.

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