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everything between captain america and the sunflower was sailing smoothly after their profession of love in the fake hospital room. delilah, however, was still not yet cleared to train. it was simply a safety precaution in regards to her rather unsteady shoulder. every now and then she would sneak into the gym to run on the treadmill, simply because that wasn't using much of her shoulder at all.

steve didn't think that he had ever been happier. in the most unironic way, she really was a beam of light brightening up his life, even when he thought he would never be happier since getting bucky back and making up with tony. she was a lot nicer to him, not that she was unnecessarily mean before, but now she went out of her way to hug him and would stand on her tiptoes just to kiss him at random times. captain rogers did like it, but he would take delilah either way, he loved her.

the countdown to delilah's birthday was also raging on, three days until the big day. and to say that steve was stressed out of his mind was an understatement. he had started asking her what she wanted weeks in advance, just to make sure he had enough time to plan. when he first began asking her, he would be very straight up about it, to which she would respond "nothing, well, a hug would be nice." and he would just have to smile and pretend like that was all he was going to get. eventually, when he kept getting the same boring response he would try to slip the question in to normal conversation, hoping to catch her off guard. but it never seemed to work.

the countdown was constantly blaring throughout his head, three days, it shouted at him, three days.

he knew that he was going to have to drag bucky to the mall with him tomorrow. he had to find something, even if it wasn't a specific thing she asked for, but he would still give her the hug.

they were currently in the common living room, delilah laying between steve's legs reading a book while he was reading over her shoulder on the longest leather couch.

"this book is stupid and highly unpredictable, can you pick a new one?" he complained, tired of second hand reading her romantic novels that all had three endings: happily ever after, sudden death, and then it just wasn't "meant to be."

"i didn't ask you to read it over my shoulder, steven." she hummed, flipping the page.

"he's gonna die," he groaned, reading the next words, "and i knew it all along, but you refused to believe me."

she hastily closed the book and wasted no time smacking him over the head with her copy of you before me.

"ow, that was rude!" he rubbed his head and sent a goofy frown her way from where she moved to sit and face him.

"you're rude."

"what do you want for your birthday?" he smiled, as she ruffled his hair and smiled back at him.

"i really don't want you to get me anything," she groaned before a soft smile overcame her smooth face, "i have you, even when i thought i had nothing, that's enough for me."

"but i want to do more than enough." he complained as she dragged him back to the room they seemed to share now, steve's. it was arguably cleaner and delilah liked the way it smelled.

"i don't know what to say. maybe you should stop being such an over achiever."

"please," he wrapped her up in his arms after she had put on another one of his t shirts as they prepared to go to sleep, "can you just tell me something you would like?"

she lazily laid her head on his shoulder and sighed, "oh, i'll never tell you anything. if you're that horribly desperate call oliver or something."

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