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"Can we go to Victoria secret so I can get my some more panties

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"Can we go to Victoria secret so I can get my some more panties. I barely have any from you ripping them off all the time." I ask Damien while getting out the car while he was getting the baby out and into her stroller.

"Yeah baby girl but I'm not going into that girly ass store with you you know I hate going in there." He said to me while we were walking towards the mall.

"I'll be quick baby please."

"No Alexis I'm not doing it so stop pouting baby girl." I rolled my eyes at him he still mad from the first time I took him in there and I took hella long he was mad as hell.

"I'll be quick come on baby how am I going to look sexy for you if you don't pick the panties out for me." I knew this would get him.

"Ten minutes and that's it I'm picking the panties out for you and then I'm outta the store you got my card and I gave you plenty money to shop with this morning so ion gotta wait in the line." He said holding the door open for me since I was pushing the stroller.

"You can pick whatever type you like maybe I'll put one on tonight for you." I said winking at him.

"Girl you better gon head with that freaky shit you know I will take you to the car and blow your back out." I was dying laughing because I know he will deadass take me to the car.

"Okay baby imma stop." I said laughing still.

"I'm tryna hit footlocker up and the Gucci store so do be taking long as hell in that panty store."

"It's Victoria secret and I won't dang baby."

"Yeah right I'm giving you ten minutes I'm picking the panties I like for you to wear for me and then I'm going to foot locker."

"Okay baby I heard you the first ten times you told me damn." We was just walking into Victoria secret. "The panties over here pick how ever many out so you can go to foot locker." I said rolling my eyes because he talking about me taking forever when he go in foot locker he be taking years buying damn near the whole store.

"Here I'm done I like all the red ones." I looked at him like he was dumb he literally picked up 5 red panties and they were all the same.

"You joking right Damien they the same pair of panties. Go pick more out or you not getting none for two weeks." I knew his ass would go pick some more out before I could even get how long out he was already grabbing more.

"What size baby girl your ass is gonna swallow them anyway but ion want them to be to tight." I was turning red I can't believe he said that shit loud as hell in this store.

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