chapter twenty two

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Published May 5, 2017

"Fun fact about this song," Camila announces, still lounging on her bed, "aside from the fact that all of you constantly ask me to redo it, it's actually about the love of my life."

She grabs Lauren, who is sat on the floor dong some studying for her last couple of finals, and drags her into frame. "Lauren Jauregui, to be exact. I wrote this song about her when I was pining over her as a tiny little fourteen year old."

Lauren smiles, kissing her cheek. "I commented on the original video, actually. Like, a lot of your first videos, before I moved away for school. I used my middle name so you wouldn't know it was me."

"Wait," Camila blinks in realisation, "Michelle was you? Oh my god, I was wondering why she disappeared. You were like my favourite commenter."

"She disappeared because I was busy at Hogwarts," Lauren rolls her eyes, "duh."

Camila pulls her in for a real kiss. "You are the actual cutest human on the planet." She pulls away and glances at the camera. "Like, no wonder I wrote this song about her, am I right?"

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Camila Cabello wow camren are such a cute couple wtf I ship!!!
   Lauren Jauregui You're so weird I love you

Lauren finds herself thinking about Camila on the way out of the exam room. Camila is the best thing for her to think about; what she doesn't want to dwell on are the specific scores she needs to get to maintain her GPA, the couple of questions she worries she's misinterpreted, the answers she's second-guessing. No, she pushes that from her mind, and thinks about texting Camila. Since this is her last exam, Camila knows the protocol by now; don't, under any circumstances, ask how the exam went, because that always sets off a massive rant about how she thinks she missed this question and what if she only got this percent right and on and on and on until Camila finally shut her up with a kiss.

She sits down on a nearby bench, digging through the front pocket in her backpack for her phone; she'd had to switch it off and put it in there before going into the exam room, but she hadn't really looked at it yet today, more concerned with getting in some extra studying in before her exam.

But now, it's all over. She's finished with college for the year, and has her flight booked back to Miami next week; she needs the week to clear her heavier stuff into the storage hold she's sharing with Lucy, and she has plans to return two weeks before term starts to move into their new place, which they've already sorted out, but the contract doesn't start until August. Plus, she wants to have a little end-of-year celebration with her friends, even if Keana is still a little mad at her for disappearing at the party a couple weeks back.

She's waiting for her phone to turn on when she hears a voice. "Hey!

Her gaze snaps up to meet Camila's, and she grins, her worries over her exams already forgotten as she jumps into her girlfriend's arms. "Hi! What're you doing up so early?"

Her exam had started at nine, and she got out earlier than expected, 10:45. Camila usually doesn't rise until at least twelve.

"I figured I'd pick you up and we could go back to my place and make breakfast together," Camila shrugs, smiling bashfully. "And by make breakfast together, I mean you make breakfast and I sit back and watch."

Lauren laughs. "Wow, putting me through more work straight after I get out of an exam."

Camila sticks her tongue out at her. "Shut up, you're finished with college for summer, you can handle making your amazing girlfriend some breakfast. I'll take bacon, scrambled egg, maybe some hash browns-"

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