Chapter eight

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Luna's pov:
Its been a month and I have to go back to school tomorrow. Through out the month I've changed a lot; I dyed my hair purple, I got even more tattoos, I got piercings on my ears, nose and belly button, I got abs and now I wear whatever I want instead of wearing clothes that cover up my bruises. Im no longer subconscious about myself and body.

Ive been training with the gang and became the top assassin. Ive also gotten closer to everyone, especially Kelsey and Mamie.

Im still mute and everyone in the gang are supportive about it, mainly James. James is like the brother I never had, but always wanted. His is also extremely protective. Any guy that looks at my direction, James...lets just say he gets a do I say this?  Violent. I find it cute, but it gets annoying. However, I cant imagine it any other way.

The next day
I wake up to the sound of my stupid alarm. Im not a morning person, definitely more of a night person. I get out of bed and into the shower. The hot water hits me relaxing my tensed body.

Once im done, I get changed for my first day back to school. I put on black skinny jeans, a black crop top with 'badass' written on it, my leather jacket and to top it off, my black combat boots. You could probably tell that black is my favourite colour.

Before I head downstairs, I grab my gun and put it into my back pocket and grab three knives. I put one in my inside pocket of my leather jacket, tucked another knife between my boots and jeans on my right and the last one on my left. What? Im an assassin, I always need to be prepared.

I'm now downstairs and I go into the kitchen. I see Melissa and I sign 'how are you?'

"Im okay dear, are you hungry?

I nod my head in response.

James, Melissa, Kelsey, Mamie, Kyle and some other gang members learnt sign language to make it easier for me to comunicate with them.

I eat my breakfast, which was bacon and eggs. Two minutes later Kelsey and Mamie come into the kitchen for breakfast. We all were just talking and laughing the whole time while eating, Melissa even joined us.

Kelsey was wearing a long, white jumper that went up to her knees, blue denim shorts and white sneakers. Her hair was let down in loose curls and she had done a natural makeup look. Her eye makeup brought out her blue eyes, that can make any guy fall on to their knees for her.

Mamie was wearing a plain, black T-shirt and black ripped jeans with black sneakers. Her hair was in a high pony tail and her makeup was nice and subtle. Mamie had that natural beauty that every girl wanted. She doesnt even need makeup. Like how?

All three of us headed out onto to our motorcycles. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you Kelsey and Mamie are coming school with me beacuse I dont think I could face my torturmenters alone. Im so lucky to have them.

We arrive at school. People were looking at confused. They probably didnt know there was going to be new students coming. Me, Kelsey and Mamie link arms and walk into the school.

We head into the office getting Kelsey and Mamie's schedules. I dont need one beacuse technically I didnt leave so all my classes are the same. I look at their schedules and we have some classes together, which im happy about.

First period is gym. The bell already rang so we just made our way there. We enter the gym and boys were looking at us with lust and the girls were looking at us with hate and jealousy. Ugh, people really need to get a life.

"Who are you guys?" The gym teacher questioned.

'Sad that you dont remember me sir. I thought I was you favourite student,' I sign holding my hand against my heart acting as if im hurt. You see all my teacher's learnt sign language so they could talk to me and get me involved with the lesson.

"Luna! Luna is that really you?" He asked with shock.

'No, im Captain America. Yes, im Luna,' I sign rolling my eyes. The girls snicker.

"What happened to you?" He asked with sadness in his eyes.

'You know, life gets Shit and causes too much pain that you cant handle it anymore so you change,' I sign with a bored facial expression.

"Well can you at least go and get changed. There are spare clothes for you and your friends in the changing room," he said.

'No,' I sign and me and the girls sit on the side. The teacher sighs giving up on getting me and the girls involved and gets on with the class. I look around the room and my eyes catch the one and only hazel eyes I could never forget belonging to Ashton. He looks back at me and has an amused look on his face. We look at each other for what felt like hours, but only been minutes. I break the eye contact focusing back on the girls conversation.

Those stupid hazel eyes!

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