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IMPORTANT A/N: because apparently this needs to be said. I've had hundreds of weird/rude/inappropriate comments from people about Brenna calling her father "Daddy". I am done asking nicely for y'all to stop. I am VERY OBVIOUSLY NOT using this word in a sexual way, stop pretending like you can't see that. So if you can't grow up enough to be mature about that in my comments, then literally leave my story, please. All previous problem-comments have already been been deleted.


• May 3, 2014 •

"Sir, I believe..I believe she's waking," a voice registered in Brenna's mind. It sounded far away and muffled. Her head felt heavy, and her eyes did not want to open. Twitching her fingers, her ability to feel began to come back slowly. She felt cold.

A desperate rustling came from her right side; a sound of crinkling paper sheets and deep breathing. "Brenna? Honey, can you hear me?" Another voice asked, one that was very familiar. Tony Stark. Her father.

Brenna meant to reply, but all that managed to come out of her mouth was a tired jumble of nonsense. More rustling. She felt something warm encase her hand. "Brenna, it's me," Tony's voice came again as Brenna's ears adjusted to the noise, "it's Daddy."

Finally, her eyes opened. Eyelids weighted with sleep, she squinted at the intense light that surrounded her. "..Bright," she muttered, trying to turn her head away. But the light seemed to be everywhere.

"Jarvis, dim the lights," Tony ordered.

As the lighting became less intense, Brenna found her eyes focused on the face of her loving father. She meant to smile, but found it difficult to move her mouth in such a way. Stretching her jaw around, she tried to sit up. To her own surprise, this happened with ease. Besides the aching in her muscles, Brenna felt strong.

Around her were people that she did not know. A woman in a doctor's uniform, and a man who looked as if he'd just come from a medieval cosplay. They both looked as if they were seeing the dead rise. Even her father's face was full of shock and emotion. Then, she recalled where she was, and why she was there. Brenna looked down at her toes that poked out from under her blanket. She tried to wiggle them. They moved.

A deep breath escaped her jaw as she grinned in awe. "Daddy, it worked," she exclaimed as she looked to Tony with glittering eyes, "you fixed me!" At her raised volume, she began to cough viciously.

"Woah, hey, easy," Tony shouted in alarm, moving to sit beside his daughter on the hospital bed. He put a hand on her back as she settled down.

Once finally able to speak again, Brenna croaked, "my throat hurts."

"You haven't used it in a while," the new doctor explained hesitantly. She seemed tense, and Brenna couldn't understand why.

"Brenna, listen," Tony began in a soft voice, "you've been asleep for a long.. long...time."

Brenna was always more mature and intelligent for her age; she knew immediately what her father meant. Looking down at her hands, she saw that they'd grown. Her fingers were long and slender, instead of short and puffy like when she was younger. She remained calm, mostly because her mind was still fuzzy from the long sleep. "How long?" She asked in a weak voice.

Tony hesitated. He didn't want to tell her. Six years of her life taken by sleep. Six years of missed birthdays, trapped inside her own mind. "Daddy, how long?" Brenna asked again, this time in a stronger tone.

Tony hugged Brenna into his side. He rested his chin atop her head as his eyes watered. "Almost six years, Brenna," he breathed.

Brenna shuddered in her father's arms. But she did not feel sadness for her loss of time. Surprisingly enough, she felt almost excited. With a deep breath, she pulled out of Tony's hug and questioned, "so I'm..twenty?"

"Almost," Tony corrected, looking his daughter in the eyes. They were a dark gold color, with brown around the iris's edges, the only part of her that time hadn't changed. He smiled sadly, putting a hand on either of her cheeks. "In a few weeks."

Brenna smiled back, taking in her father's mixed joy and despair. She caught a glimpse of movement from her left and turned to find the medieval man standing awkwardly. His hands were clasped before him as he adverted his gaze and cleared his throat.

"Who are you?" Brenna asked innocently.

The man finally relaxed, meeting her gaze with a warm look. "I am Thor, son of Odin," he replied.

Brenna opened her mouth to speak but immediately shut it, realizing that she had no words. She remembered reading books on Norse mythology, but surely they couldn't be real? Tony rolled his eyes a bit and explained briefly, "you've missed a lot, Honey, but we'll catch you up."

"..Thor...the god..?" Brenna repeated for clarification. She blinked a few times, wondering if she were possibly dreaming. But the man remained.

"That is correct," Thor nodded slowly.

Brenna raised an eyebrow at how bizzare the senario was, but accepted the weirdness. She looked down again, at her legs this time. The last time she'd seen them, they were not only younger, but thinner. It looked as if she'd regenerated all of the muscle she should've had for her size and age; somehow, she wasn't just cured in her sleep, but made stronger. Poking and squeezing them curiously, she wondered aloud, "how..?"

Tony couldn't help but smile in amusement at Brenna's actions. "Like you said," he repeated, pointing to the middle of her clothed chest, just above her breast line, "I fixed you."

Brenna looked to where he pointed. After getting over the fact that she had developed a womanly chest in her coma, she gasped. A small metal circle was implanted into her skin, the size of a tennis ball. And in the center, something bright yellow glowed softly.

Just want to give you all an accurate visual representation ♡ feel free to imagine something different, but please do so quietly, without spamming my comments with what you'd change

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Just want to give you all an accurate visual representation ♡ feel free to imagine something different, but please do so quietly, without spamming my comments with what you'd change

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