Chapter nine

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Ashton's pov:
Its been a month since I've seen my angel and im loosing my mind. I haven't been able to eat or sleep properly not knowing where she is. I cant even think straight without her invading my mind. How can one girl make this much impact in my life?

Ever since she left I've been aggressive towards people and pushed them away besides Leo and Brandon. All I want is the comfort of my angel safe in my arms away from all the dangers in the world. I hope shes okay and I'll see her again. That was my last though before allowing sleep to consume me...

The next day
I wake up to my alarm going off. I turn it off and get out of my comfy bed. I have a shower and get dressed. I put on black jeans, a grey shirt with the top buttons undone and black sneakers. I give my hair a quick brush not wanting it to be all over the place and grab my keys.

Before I head downstairs I grab my gun and put it into my back pocket. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention im a gang leader. Brandon and Leo are also apart of it. They are my second and third command. My gang is called the Vipers. We are the second strongest gang in the world. Number one are the Black Angels.

Anyways, I head downstairs and get into my car. Im skipping breakfast because Im not that hungry and im running late. Connor quickly gets into the car and I go drop him off.

When I get to school I hear people talking about three new girls. I wish it was my angel that came instead. I want her. No, I need her. I don't know what im going to do if I don't see her soon.

Me and the boys head to our first lesson, gym. All of a sudden three girls walk in and all eyes are on them. The one in the middle looked familiar, but I couldn't put my finger on it.

"Who are you?" The gym teacher questions.

'Sad that you dont remember me sir. I thought I was your favourite student,' she signs and putting her hand on her heart dramatically acting like she was hurt. The only person who I know is mute is my angel. Is she my angel?

If your wondering why I understood her, its because when she left I learnt sign language so I could communicate with her better. I guess my efforts has paid off.

"Luna! Luna is that really you?" The teacher asked with disbelief interrupting my thoughts.

'No I'm Captain America. Yes, I'm Luna,' she signs rolling eyes. What happened to her? Why did she change?

"What happened to you?" The teacher asks with sadden eyes. My eyes motion back to her wanting to know what she'll answer.

'You know, life gets Shit and causes too much pain that you cant handle it anymore so you change,' she signs with a bored expression.

It makes my blood boil knowing someone hurt my angel. Who hurt her and how dare they? She so sweet and innocent well used to be anyways. I just don't understand, but what I do understand is when I find the person who did this they are going to wish they were never born.

"Well can you at least go and get changed? There are spare clothes for you and your friends in the changing rooms," the teacher says trying to change the subject.

'No' is all Luna signs and walks over to the benches with her friends on either side of her. The teacher gives up putting his attention back on us. I look at where Luna was sitting and her eyes look into mine. My heart began beating fast, but I hid it by giving her an amused look as we stare at each other for what felt like an eternity. It felt as if it was only me and her in the room. She breaks eye contact looking back at her friends. I already miss her stormy grey eyes looking into my hazel eyes.

What is she doing to me?

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