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Short but wholesome chapter

School starts back up in a week. One week. That's too soon.

It's dark out and I'm laying in bed, bored out of my mind. Mom grounded me from my phone and car but gave my phone back an hour ago.

I'm texting Liv hoping she can get ahold of Leo because he doesn't answer.

Liv: Mia might be with him
Liv: or gabe

Andrew: u with leo?
Mia: yea we're at elle's
Mia: he broke his phone yesterday
Mia: [Leo] hey it's Leo, mom might buy me one tmr or she might not depends how much she hates me lol
Andrew: what did u do to it?
Mia: [Leo] i threw it at gabe
Andrew: nice
Mia: [Leo] wanna go downtown? i'm bored
Andrew: yeah. gotta get an uber cuz i'm still grounded
Mia: [Leo] we can take the bus downtown just uber here
Andrew: ok cya in a bit

I throw on joggers and call an uber. I spend the next ten minutes trying to figure out how to sneak out. My only choice is window because all the doors have alarms. Only problem is I won't be able to get back up.

Oh well I'll sleep somewhere else.

I slide open my window and crawl onto the roof. I walk around a corner to where I can jump onto the hot tub cover.

I leave out the backyard due to the cameras at the front gate.

The Uber finally shows up and I get in. It's a while till we're by Elle's garage. It's basically downtown but not quite.

"And you made it," Mia says as I walk through the door.

"It's a struggle to get out of the gated prison I live in." Mia laughs in response as I walk up to her sitting on the couch. "Where's Leo?"

"Outside spray painting something so we don't all die of the fumes."

Elle is asleep on one of the bean bags. Music plays quietly and I decide to go out back.

It's dark but he has a headlight on. I clear my throat to get his attention. His head snaps up and he pulls his mask down.

"Oh hey."

"Hey," I smile.

"Been a while," he replies. Tossing his spray can to a nearby towel and walking towards me.

"Like two days."

"I've seen you everyday this summer."

"Valid point. Mother has been a hawk lately though."

"Mothers suck don't they." He's quite close. He speaks in the same low teasing voice as always. He turns off his headlight when he realizes it's blinding me.

"Hey," Mia says popping her head out. "What are you two doing in the dar— oh whatever. Did you say you wanted to go downtown?"

"We did," I say.

"Also," Mia holds up a lighter before tossing it to Leo. "I'm leaving now with Elle too so see you two."

"Thanks," he mutters already with a cigarette between his lips.

"Okay, come inside when you want to go do something." The door clicks shut behind her.

"School in a week," he says after a moment of silence.

"Stupid preppy school," I roll my eyes. "With preppy kids."

"Now you get it," he laughs.

Over the course of the summer I've started to really like being around him and seeing him smile. Of course he goes to some public high school.

Neither of us have spoken about the kissing thing but it's obvious we're both aware and thinking about it.

I didn't realize I liked him like that but holy fuck do I ever.

"Where did you wanna go downtown?" He asks.

I check the time on my phone. 2:17am.

"I don't know. You said you wanna go downtown."

"I don't really. It was an excuse for you to get your ass over here."

"Then what should we do?" I ask stepping closer.

It's still pitch black out but I can still see him standing in front of me. Part of me waits to see if he'd have the guts to kiss me, if he doesn't I will. Then I just get impatient.

I lean forward and connect his mouth to mine. For a moment I can feel him smiling which makes me smile.

"I don't want summer to end," I whisper in his ear.

"Just for right now, let's just pretend we never have to go back."

I smile. Someone saw my note.

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