Chapter: 66

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It had bin a while since Jimin and Rm ran out.

You were just trying to think what this memory was about.

Y/N: is this just how they live... or is there something in this memory that I'm missing..

You were sitting in the corner of the room thinking and sometimes looking up seeing what they were doing.

Jin was just moving some wooden things and it looked like he was just trying to make something.

Suga was... sitting on one of the balks of the ceiling playing with a cat or something... or at least with an animal.

V was the whole time next to Jungkook.

Not too close of course because otherwise he would also catch what he had.

Y/N: its strange.. how he has the Black Plague and not a single one of them has it..

Y/N: maybe they are just careful?

You sighed.

Then you heard small footsteps.

You saw Jin and the rest turning their heads to the little hole in the wall.

Someone was coming inside.

It was just Rm.

Jin walked to him.

Jin(kid): where is Jimin?

Rm(kid): i lost him.. and the black house was empty.

Jin(kid): i hope he is alright.. i'll go look for him you stay here.

Jin was about to go out when he suddenly froze.

Rm(kid): Jin?

He waved his hand in front of him.

Rm(kid): hello?

Suga(kid): whats going on?

Rm(kid): i think something is wrong with Jin-Hyung, he is paralyzed or something.

You also got up from your corner and walked closer.

Then all of sudden Jin's head moved.

Very slowly..

He looked right at you.

His eyes flashed red for a second.

Y/N: *thinks* can he see me?!

You looked at him to see if anything was wrong.

You noticed a weird thing on his ankle.

It looked like some sort of insect.

Y/N: *thinks* whats that?

You moved a little to see if Jin was still staring at you.

He was just staring straight so not at you.

Suga and Rm were still trying to get his attention.

You kneeled down to look at the insect.

It was biting in his ankle.

You couldn't touch it due to that your just in a memory.

Then again there were sounds from near the hole.

You stood up.

V then came running near the hole.

V(kid): Jimin is back!

He clapped in excitement.

But who came in.... was not Jimin...

It was also a kid.

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