Chapter 25 - Reminder

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Roseanne West

We walked into a japanese restaurant and sat at the corner of the room. We looked at the menu when suddenly someone called my name.

"이수영! (Lee Soo Young)" I turned to see my cousin and I immediately got up from my chair.

"오빠! 오랜만! (Oppa, it's been a long time) *Oppa is when you call an older brother* " I hugged him and let him go. I turned to the Collins and introduced my cousin, Liam or Lee Kyung Jae. He's my mom's big brother's son.

"Mr. and Mrs. Collin, this is my cousin, Liam. Liam, this is Ares.. Carl Collin and Melinda Collin. They're my dad's friend." I said and Liam shook all of their hands.

"Nice meeting you, Liam."

"Feeling is mutual but I can't stay here longer to chat with you guys.. I have to go now." He pointed at the rest of the group and I nodded.

"수영아~ 밥 많이 먹고.. 나중에 내가 연락할게! (Sooyoung~ eat a lot and I'll call you later)" He said and he patted my head.

"알았어.. (Okay..)" I said and he walked away. I sat down again and Ares gave me a weird look.

"You speak.. korean?"

"Her mom is half korean, Ares." Carl said and Ares turned to her dad nodding.

"So.. you're a quarter korean?" He asked and I nodded.

"You understand korean fully?" He asked again.

"Yes." I said.


"So Rosie, how's your father? Is he doing okay these days?"

"He's fine. He's just busy with work."

"That man.. still trying to distract himself with work." Carl said.

"How did you two and Rosie meet earlier?" Ares asked.

"She was with her friend talking and we walked out from a vintage store at the same time as her passing by." Melinda said and Ares smirked.

"I heard you two often hangout these days." Carl said and I shook my head.

"We are, we're getting closer these days. We're bestfriends." Ares said and I turned to him looking at him weirdly.

"Oh really? That's great.." Melinda said and I looked at Ares secretly glare at him. We had a fantastic lunch even though I didn't talk much but it was fun to talk with the Collins. After that, Ares' parents left and I stood side by side with Ares waving at Carl and Melinda.

"You're going back to work?" I asked him.

"Yeah.. how about you?"

"Going to stroll alone around the Central Park."

"Want me to accompany you?" He asked and I turned to him shaking my head.

"Nah.. I'll skip work. Let's go." He said as he took my hand.

"How did you see me with Connor earlier?" I asked because it's a little creepy.

"I was in a restaurant with my friend when I saw you."

"Okay." I said.

"Don't tell me that you're going to hangout with that guy again in the future." He said in a pissed tone.

"I'm not. Geez.. what's with you?" I hissed.

"I don't really like it when you're being nice to others when you're being so.. cold and pissy to me."

"I'm not being nice to others." I said as I pulled my hand from his grip.

"You are."


"Connor.. and the guy from earlier."

"Liam is my cousin!" I looked at him disbelief.


"He's my highschool friend, Ares, stop being an asshole!" I glared at him. He walked away first and I really wanted to smack his head so bad. I continued to walk behind Ares when my eyes landed on someone that I swear I don't want to see again. He's just 20 meters in front of us and my body froze and my heart just beating crazily.

"Rosie?" I turned to Ares who's calling me but I shook my head slowly.

"Is everything okay?" Ares asked as he walked back to me. My eyes were stuck looking at the man who's currently walking towards this way.

"Cover me.. please cover me." I said to Ares and he quickly covered me up by pretending to kiss me. He put his head so close to me that I can hear and feel his breathing. Ares slowly hugged me hiding me fully with his tall and build body.

"You okay? Is there someone that you don't want to see?" Ares asked whispering.

"Yeah." I answered honestly.

"Are you hiding another secret?"

"I always have a secret." I answered and Ares stood up straight again. I looked around to see if it's clear to go or not.

"Rosie.. are you sure you're okay?" Ares asked and I nodded.

"Let's go." He took my hand and we both continued to walk again.

"Who are you avoiding?"

"I don't want to talk about it now." I answered because I'm still trying to recover from what happened earlier.

"Okay fine."

"So why were you planning to stroll at the Central Park alone? Shouldn't you be with someone so you won't be lonely?"

"I love strolling alone.. it gave me ide- I need a healing time that's all." I said. We almost arrived at the Central Park and Ares pulled me into a cafe to buy coffee. He asked me if I want to drink and I ordered iced latte.

"Here you go.." Ares said as he gave me my drink. We walked out from the cafe again and Ares took my hand again. I swear we've been holding hands since earlier and let it go just to buy coffee. I tried to let it go a few times but Ares held it tightly.

"I always wonder why I always fail in having a relationship." Ares started to talk.

"Either being cheated on or.. I'm not good enough.. it was never on my part. I always try to step back by making them happy even though I don't really like what I'm doing." He sighed and I lead him to sit on a bench.

"I might not.. be good at love or relationship but one thing I know is that.. love is two ways. You can't keep giving what they want. There's give and take.. it's an unwritten rules in a relationship." I said and I sipped my coffee.

"You know.. I'm starting to get comfy with you which not a good sign from my side."

"Then don't get comfy, you idiot!" I hissed and he chuckled.

"Thanks for the reminder."

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