xiii. screwdriver

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"Would you like another plate, Becca?"

Soft green eyes stared down at me, the skin around them crinkling at the edges as Mrs Wylde suddenly came next to our table, a motherly smile gracing her features. A few minutes ago, she had talked my brain off, wanting to know everything about me because according to her, Nathan didn't have any friends that he brought to meet her.

I resisted the urge to let out a burp, licking the side of my mouth to clean off the maple syrup I felt sticking to my lips. Holding my stomach, I was quick to shake my head and send a quick grimace her way.

"No, Mrs Wylde, I am so full," I let out with a small laugh, wondering if I would explode if I would consume another bite. "I don't think I can eat anymore."

"Oh, come on now, dear, call me Vivian," She chuckled under her breath, wiping her wet hands on her apron, "You could use a little more meat on your bones. Good lord, Nathan, have you been starving this poor girl?"

Nathan, who was too busy staring into the distance as he blankly looked my way suddenly cleared his throat, looking away from me, down at his plate, "Huh?" A little chuckle escaped my lips as his intense eyes again found me.

"Nate," She gently put her hand on his shoulder to gain his attention, "Why have you been starving poor Becca here?"

"Ah no, ma, you are mistaken," He mumbled out, "She got a fat ass, you should see it for yourself. It is-" As soon as the words left his mouth, his mother's hand slapped the back of his head in disappointment and my jaw hit the floor. At least one woman could tame this man.

"Don't be crass", She scolded him, "I didn't teach you to be so disrespectful in my house, where in the world is this coming from? Should I tell your father?"

Nathan rolled his eyes, playing with his fork, "Ma, I am not thirteen anymore-" This was different, I had never seen this before...I had no clue he was a mama's boy.

Mrs Wylde clearly did not agree with him as she squeezed both his cheeks with one hand, making his pink lips pout and a deep frown set on his face. "Ma!"

"You are still my little baby, Nate-y," She cooed out and I bit my lip as I tried to contain my laughter as she dropped a huge smooch onto his forehead.

"Ma! Stop!" He finally struggled in her grip for a bit before she let him go as one of the customers in the diner beckoned her over. On her way back, she sent a wink my way, making me smile at how adorable she was.

"Nate-y", I teased him, folding my hands across my chest and leaning back in my chair.

"Don't. " He warned me, raising a challenging eyebrow at me. "Don't mess with me, Rebecca or I will..."

"Or you will?" I chuckled out, rolling my eyes at him, "What will you do, Natey-boy?"

He clicked his jaw, resisting breaking into a smile as I saw his lips twitch slightly before he shook his head at me, "Piss off, Miller."

"Your mother is so lovely," I took another bite of the maple syrup-covered waffle, narrowing my eyes at him, "Where did you go wrong?"

"I should have never brought you here..." He regretfully said, shaking his head at me in resentment. Somewhere, I agreed. I didn't want to meet his parents so soon. Luckily, only his mother was in and his father was out for some work.

"What do you mean?" I shrugged my shoulders, smiling cheekily at him and swallowing the heavenly goodness in my mouth, "This is the best fucking not-a-date I have ever been on."


"Ralph, I swear to god, I am going to fucking kill you right now if that's you on the other side of that door! I told you to stop showing unannounced to-" I shouted all the way from rolling out of my bed and rushing to the door. My words got cut off as instead of my annoying boss' face, I was greeted by Jack's apologetic one.

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