Chapter 26 - More

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Ares Collins

Is it weird that now me and Rosie can laugh with each other without me being worried about her killing me? We both currently relaxing in Central Park, sitting on the grass talking and even joked about things that we saw. One thing that I notice about her was.. how beautiful she is when she laugh her ass off.

Now my insticts changed towards her and it felt weird a little bit. It used to be wanting to know why she's acting cold and wanting to be her friend but now.. I want to protect her at all cost. I don't know what made me feel that but it just came to me.

"When I was little.. I used to steal other people's pencil because mine always lost somewhere. My teacher told my dad about it and he literally bought me 5 boxes of pencil and eraser. I used it all until I finish highschool." I said and she laughed.

"You're such a weird kid."

"Well.. I guess I am." I shrugged and I chuckled.

"My favorite food is pizza. I can't live without ever and I used to order pizza everyday until my brother got diarrhea." She said and I face palmed.

"That's crazy.. pizza?"

"Extra cheese and pepperoni." She said as she raised her index finger and I laughed.

"That explains the pizza that you ordered last time." I said and she nodded. We both had a silent moment for a few seconds until she started another topic.

"How did you try to move on, Ares?" She asked suddenly as she looked up to the sky trying to block the sunlight with her hand.

"It was not easy. Me and bother were unseparatable and it gave a really big hole inside my heart when he's gone. My parents and friends can't help me with that but I figured it out on my own. I can't grieve all the time because I bet he doesn't want to see me like that." I answered as I looked blankly at the ground.

"I used to have someone beside my mom who knows me the best." She sighed and I was so glad that she decided to open up to me.

"He left me at the same time as my mom passed away. It hit me double right away." My hands turned into a fist. How dare he left her when she needed him the most?! What kind of person is he? I really want to know what is his reason and kill him after that.

"That's why it's enough for me to open up with people because in the end of the day.. they will leave me. I have no luck for it."

"Is he your boyfriend?" I asked.

"No.. he was my bestfriend."

"So that's why it's not easy for you to open up with me huh?"

"He approached me at first just like you. I mean I wasn't this cold back then but I was not that friendly either to new people because I'm not the type of people who can socialize well. He promised things.. he kept it.. and then he made me comfortable and then he left.."

"But why are you so nice to Connor?" I asked because damn I don't like him.

"Connor helped me back that to go to the hospital when I got the news about my mom. He helped me to tell my teacher about my condition too." I nodded understanding it but still I don't like Connor.

"Roseanne.. a girl like you really deserve all the happiness in this world. Somehow after hearing your stories, all I want to do is to carry all your burden and let you get the happiness that you should get. It's not fair for you to carry all of it alone and seeing you always sad and losing hope really made me sad." I said sincerely and she suddenly chuckled as she patted my thigh lightly.

"You shouldn't meet me in the first place. You deserve to meet someone who can make you happy but you met a gir like who tested your emotions." She said and I turned to her smiling.


"One day, I will repay all your kindness, Ares. I don't know when but I know I will. If I do move on.. one day.. I will give you all the credit." She said and I nodded.

"Good to know."

"Maybe I'll give you a big gift on your wedding day." She smiled and I raised my eyebrows. My eyes landed on two eyelashes that fall out on her cheek. I leaned closer to her and tried to take it with my hand but ended up looking at her eyes. It went down to her lips too.. that's tempting.

"Where is it?" She asked popping my bubbles and I quickly took it away. I sat straight and coughed awkwardly.

"You're fast at sensing things." I said bluntly.

"I am..." She answered confidently.

"Is it because you read a lot of novels that you edited?" I asked.

"Yeah.. maybe."

"Well.. I guess I have to find another way." I smirked.

"I suggest you to not find another way because it will be dangerous for the both of us." She said in a serious tone.

"What's wrong with that?"

"You know why.. We can't go that way." She said and I quickly leaned to her until she laid down on the grass. Her eyes were wide open and I leaned to her slowly.

"Why can't we?"

"You'll leave me one day, I can guarantee that." She said and my heart boils.

"You don't know me, Roseanne. You can't judge me that fast when I'm the one who always trying to know you. I'm not that guy who will suddenly leave you out of nowhere!" I bursted angrily and I didn't even know why I'm so damn mad.

"If you want more, I suggest you to stop seeing me in the future. I can't give what you want, Ares." She said and I got up right away. I was so tired hearing it. I'm not that guy and I know that I'm capable more that than. I found myself walking away from her. I need to calm myself or else I will punch someone in the face without any reason.


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