Chapter 13

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Alissa woke up the next morning by someone jumping on her bed. She got scared at first and then noticed it was just peter, he was wearing pajamas and was jumping on her bed.
"C'mon wake up!" He said and then laid next to her. Alissa groaned and threw a pillow at him. She saw the time, 9.45 am.
"It's still early" she said whilst dodging a pillow he threw at her.
"I've been up since 7 waiting for you to wake up" he groaned and got out of bed.
"Besides, Parker, You can't just walk into my room like that, there's a thing called "privacy" you know?" She said whilst trying to get back to sleep. she wasn't actually mad. But annoying Peter was one of her favorite hobbies.
"Starks are the worst" he said and sat on Alissa's desk. He looked at all the books and pulled one of them out.
"Starks? Did you just insult my dad. wait til Mr. Stark hears about this" Alissa sat up on her bed and grinned. Peters face formed a worried look, "shit, I'm sorry. Please don't tell him" he apologized and walked to Alissa's bed. He sat right next to her.
"Only if you stop waking me up so early" she grinned and booped his nose. He chuckled.

God, he could just kiss her right now. Her hair was all messy and was wearing a long oversized t-shirt. She looked perfect, even though she had just woken up. This whole "waiting for the right moment" killed him, he couldn't wait, he knew she could be his at any moment, he just had to ask her. But right now, she needs a friend and with all going on, it would be too complicated, he thought.

Alissa and Peter both went downstairs after 20 mins of them arguing over that Alissa should wake up, Peter won obviously. They walked downstairs to see Nat and Thor arguing over something on TV.
"But they were CLEARLY on a break thor? Rachel can't trust him now!" Nat said whilst taking the remote control and turning the TV off.
"In my opinion, that geeky guy with the black hair did nothing wrong, they were broken up. She dumped him, he dumped her. Mutual dumpment" he said confused and annoyed.
Alissa chuckled slightly, were they seriously arguing over Friends?
"Hey nerds, is there any breakfast" Alissa said and peter followed her into the kitchen, the kitchen and the living room was open, so they could see the couch and Nat getting up annoyed. She came into the kitchen.
"Did you get ur beauty sleep? I told you, if your gonna take this avenger thing seriously, you need to wake up earlier" Nat shook her head and Peter agreed strongly.
"That's what I told her!" He said and Alissa looked at both of them and rolled her eyes.
"Anyways, we ordered in and there's still some left." She said and pointed at the fridge. Alissa opened and started taking the food out.
"Where's Mr.Stark?" Peter asked Natasha, and her mood suddenly changed.
"He's ..resting, he hasn't left his room since yesterday, I think he needs to be left alone now" Nat said quietly and left the room.
Alissa sighed and stopped what she was doing. She knew her father would rather rot in a room alone by himself than talk about his feelings, he hated showing that he was weak. Sometimes she wishes they were closer, her and her father, that they could talk about this kind of stuff.
"Hey, I'm sorry. I really am" he said and put an arm around her. She gladly took it and hugged him tightly. The familiar "peter-scent" made her feel good.
Thor walked in and coughed.
"small humans. Good morning. See your...touching each other again" he said and pointed at them hugging. Peter burst into laughter, what Thor said came out way wrongly and dirtier than he meant.
"Thor!!" Alissa laughed and he shrugged his shoulders, not knowing why the teenagers were laughing. He left the room and peter and Alissa were alone.
"He cracks me up" Alissa said and noticed they were still in each other's arms. It started getting awkward and they both let go of each other quickly.

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