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I sat in the backyard staring at the mountains ahead of me. I had finally come to another country for the first time and although I was excited to be there I was also drained. I hadn't slept on the plane ride at all and we were already going to go out soon. I had wanted to nap when I got there but I knew the chances of that were slim.

Sighing I slowly pushed myself up off the ground and stretched my arms out. The small town I was staying in did really have much to do but I liked the peacefulness of it. Pushing my pink hair out of my face I let out a yawn. I walked towards the front of the house again it was peaceful but sometimes there could still be a lot of chatting.

While walking to the front I could hardly hear the laughter of teens throughout the street. So irritating especially when you didn't even know where you were but you knew one thing you wanted to sleep. I groaned annoyed again as the chatting go louder and slammed open the front door. That silenced the chatting for a few seconds until they went on to talking about who knows what.

Stepping into the house I could see my family was already say their goodbyes as we'd head out. My mother and I were going out to meet my older cousins to drink. Drinking wasn't my thing though and although I had tried it I definitely wouldn't do it again. I'd just stick to a nice refreshing glass of water and food of course.

Leaving the house with her we started on the road to the pub. I put my sunglasses over my eyes and looked around me. You couldn't see even a single person walking around. Maybe cars here and there but people were out of the question. So many shops closed down you couldn't even see many animals. The only animal I noticed was a stray cat walking along the road.

Looking over at my mother to see if she was paying attention I quickly walked over to the cat. Bending down I stuck my hand out and it slowly approached me. A small smile grew on my face as it began to sniff my hand.

The cat purred a bit and walking up to me it rubbed against my leg. I smiled again and began to pet its back.

As my hand went over its back a large amount of laughter was heard. Immediately the cat got scared and I pulled away my hand to late. It scratched my hand leaving a large bloody mark on it. I yelped jumping up quickly as the cat dashed off.

Blood dripped down my hand as I looked over to the right. A group of guys were talking and laughing. My eyes met with one of them and a shiver went down my spine. There eyes travelled down my arm and to my hand. When there eyes stopped to look at it they widened a bit.

I shock my head to the side looking away from them as I stared at the cat.

"Come on KC." My mother called out in front of me.

I quickly ran over to her and the boys from earlier disappeared inside. I stuck behind my mother as we went in inside I could already see my cousins. I hurried over to them and sitting down I hid my hand.

They began talking away with my mother and looking around the pub I spotted the boys. The same boy from earlier looked at me and I nervously looked away.

"I'll be right back.." I mumbled.

Getting up from the table I looked around the pub for the washroom. The blood still dripped down from my hand as I searched.

Shit not even a sign.

As I was about to give up I felt a hand brush on my shoulder.

I swung my head back quickly and yelped as I noticed it was the same guy.

"Your hand..." He mumbled.

"Um... I-..."

"I'm sorry that was our fault wasnt it." He said brushing his jet black hair out of his face.

"Ah its okay don't worry its only a scratch." I replied cheerfully.

"Come with me." He grabbed onto my wrist and we headed towards the exit.

Bringing me outside we walked to a near by bench. He pushed me down on it and took a few things out from his pocket.

"You just carry around that stuff." I asked giggling slightly.

"My brother isnt very smart rather hes a dumbass." He replied smiling.

A small blush crept on my hand as he grabbed onto my hand. He began to disinfect it wrapping the bandage around it. He took a piece of medical tape out from his pocket and tapping it on he put everything back into his pockets.

"T-Thank you.." I said smiling sweetly.

"Your welcome." He replied looking up at me.

My heart began to speed up a bit as his hand still held onto mine. He stood up a bit still holding onto my hand as he leaned closer into my face.

"Zane there you are!" Another male voice shouted.

"Shit." He mumbled.

Backing away from me he let go of my hand and we both turned to look at the boy running up to us.

"Garroth what do you want?" He asked a little annoyed.

"Ah I was- oh hello~." He said after he noticed me.

"So whats your name." He asked sitting down on the bench.


"The shy type huh seems good to me so when you wanna go on a date Saturday? Sunday?"

I looked up at Zane and his eyes were full of anger. He wouldn't even look at me his head was turned to the side ignoring the both of us.

"Um no thank you I'm sorry but I don't want to." I replied getting up off the bench.

Walking over to Zane I grabbed onto the back of his shirt and hid behind him.

"Oohh I see how it is awww my baby brother some how got a chic to fall for him." Garroth said laughing.

I yelped again as my face turned a bright red. I looked up at Zane and noticed he had a bit of pink on his checks.

"Um I wouldn't mind maybe with you..." I said tugging on his shirt.

He looked down at me and put a hand over his face.

"I wouldn't be totally against the idea.." He mumbled shyly.

Letting go of his shirt I wrapped my arms around his waist and leaned into his back.

"Don't worry I already decided who I wanted..."

Hi hi Ik its been awhile since I posted here but here is some ill post more this week just gotta get back into it 🤣.

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