Chapter 14

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It was about a week later since the avengers defeated Pepper and Hydra. Peter was in his room and sat on his bed. He was doing his homework, since he hasn't been in school lately, he had a lot to catch up on. He had just talked to Ned on the phone, he and other members were going to a decathlon again. Peter felt a bit sad he was going to miss it, even though he hated the people in school, he still valued the education he got. And he missed Ned of course, his annoying nerdy best friend who was just like him.
Even though the avengers and the Starks were all nice to him, it all felt a bit strange. He felt like he didn't belong there, with all the rich people and their expensive stuff. Aunt May called twice a day, to make sure the "Starks were feeding him" and that he was okay. Peter didn't tell her about the assignment, just said that it was secret. All though May doesn't know that much about Hydra, he knew that she would be too worried.
Peters thoughts were disturbed by someone knocking on the door. He told the person to come in, expecting it to be Alissa. Once he saw that it was Sam, he sat up straight.
Did I do something wrong? Is he here to yell at me? Peter thought whilst getting nervous.
"Hey Spandex" he smiled and sat on the other side of the bed. Peter shook his head, of course he had a nickname for him.
"Hey bird" he said and Sam chuckled a bit.
"What are you doing?" He asked and held his chemistry book. A confused look formed on his face whilst he read all the stuff.
"Damn, I hated high school you know? thought they were more important things to do, I partied a lot, you don't do that do you? Have you gotten drunk before?" He said with a concern look on his face and put the book down.
Was he here to lecture Peter about alcohol?
"No, I haven't" he lied.
Yes a lie, he had tasted it before with Ned. And of course taken a sip here and there of Mays wine. But never gotten drunk.
"Good. and...what about the other stuff?" He asked and lifted his eyebrows.
"What..other stuff.." peter asked confused.
"You know,, girls?" Sam said. Peter felt like laughing, is he trying to ask about sex?
"Well that's none of your business is it?" Peter said confidently. Of course he was still a virgin, he had only liked one girl, and her father turned out to be the vulture. But it was fun seeing sams reaction to that.
"Why are you here?" Peter asked whilst grinning a bit.
"I was bored and wanted to question you. Now your telling me you have done it? with WHO?" Sam asked curious.
Peter felt offended that he was so surprised. Is it really that impossible that he had done it?
"I'm not telling you" peter smiled and Sam shook his head.
"Anyways, Have you searched more information about Hydra?" He asked and let go of the previous subject.
"I've tried, I haven't found anything though, I'm starting to think that maybe Mr. Stark was right, maybe it was just that easy?" Peter said and he could see Sam nodding.
"We haven't found anything either, cap is saying that we should maybe let this go cause nothings happened" he said and got up.
"Oh, okay then. Does that mean..I'm going home?" Peter asked and he felt nervous for his answer. The plan was for him to just be on this mission. Truth was, even though he missed home, he didn't wanna go just yet.
"Well that's the plan. I've asked tony, well I asked Jarvis and he told me that according to Tony's calendar, this is suppose to be your last week anyways"

His last week? Tomorrow was Friday, meaning he had today to pack up and leave tomorrow. He wished he could stay here more, but what good is he gonna do here when nothings happening? Besides, he hasn't been in Queens lately and maybe he needed to go back to being friendly neighborhood spider-man.

" are you SERIOUS?? No peter I don't want you to leave" Alissa pouted her lips when he told her the news, later on the day. They were in her room.
"Me neither, but I have to, I was only gonna be here for this mission" peter replied and Alissa looked like she was going to cry.
"You know I can ask dad and he can like...make you an avenger, like right now" Alissa said excitedly.
An avenger? That's what he's always wanted since well, forever.
"I..I'm sure Mr. Stark wouldn't just make me an avenger just like that" peter said nervously and choking on his words.
"He can! I just have to ask him, you know he always listens to me? And you can stay here for longer!" Alissa jumped up immediately, heading for the door and asking her father to do something peter had always wanted.
Then why didn't it feel right? It felt like he didn't deserve it or maybe he just wasn't ready yet...

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