Chapter 15

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Alissa was surprised to say the least. The peter who was kissing her was different from dorky and nerdy Peter, this peter was passionate and before she knew it, she was on his lap, aggressively making out. She wanted him, more than ever and he wanted her. She felt him unhook her bra and then he let go and looked at her breast for a second.
"You are beautiful" he said in a raspy voice and Alissa smiled whilst grabbing his lips again.

~ I think you know what happens next

The loud knock on the door wakes her up. She opened her eyes slowly and felt dizzy for a moment, it was the hungover. They were pretty drunk last night, and then she looked at her side. A shirtless peter was laying next to her, snoring slightly. She then remembered her night, the thought made her smile, she had never felt so comfortable around her own body and it was mostly peter that made her feel that way, she had lost her virginity to him and she was glad it was with him.
The door opened with a bust and there was standing the tall blond haired God. Alissa felt panic rise and she looked next to her, peter had been awaken too and it took him a second to realize.
Thor had walked in on both of them, laying in a bed with no clothes and glasses of wine and clothes were spread out on the floor.

Alissa saw the gasp on his face and he was about to shout. She quickly put the blanket around herself and walked over to thor, she pushed him inside and closed the door.
"WHAT THE HELL IS THIS" he shouted and put down the tray he was holding, it was breakfast that he had cooked by himself.
"SHHH..please quite! okay don't freak out and don't tell anyone, please, specially not my dad" Alissa said quickly and tried to hush him. By now Peter had pulled on his boxers and was standing next to them.
"Please, don't tell Mr. Stark, I'm begging you, he will literally kill me" He panicked and tried to convince Thor, who was speechless.
"You're KIDS, how do you even KNOW sexual intercourse??" He shouted.
That comment made both of them laugh. They hadn't spoken a word since they did, and now both of them were blushing looking at each other. Alissa moved closely and got hold of peters hand.
"please, I really like him and we would appreciate if you didn't tell anyone yet" Alissa tried to make her best puppy eyes. Thor sighed.
"Okay okay, I'll try. But you better not be pregnant or I will kill you" he pointed at Peter with a serious look, like he actually meant it. Peter nodded his head and choking on his words. Thor left the room and Alissa closed it beside him, she sighed and look at peter.
"Phew" He sighed too. a smile appeared on his face and he put his arm out, Alissa smiled too and he pulled her closer.
"That was fun, last night I mean" he stuttered.
Alissa laughed and stood on her tip toes to reach his face.
"You really made the night count, Parker" she smirked before kissing his soft lips again.

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