Chapter 27 - Charger

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Roseanne West

"If you think I will be on your side this time, you are wrong." Carrie hissed coldly as she cut the chocolate cheesecake for me.

"What? I'm a romance novel writer and I know all the gestures that man are making these days." I said as I took the fork completely ready to dig in.

"I seriously want to hit your head with a rock." She said as she pulled the cake away from me. I looked at her disbelief.

"He likes you and what's wrong with that?"

"I don't like him."

"That's the biggest lie that I've ever heard in my life." She said looking at me completely ready to kill me.

"Why do you think I'm lying? I don't hav-"

"You were dancing with him!!" She bursted cutting me and I looked at her disbelief.

"You were spying on me?"

"You were opening up to him and it's good. Why are you avoiding it?"

"He deserves better and I don't have any feelings for him." I said as I took the plate from her. I digged in right away after that.

"I know that feelings still need to grow but still.. you care for him at some point. I know you are still the same Roseanne."

"I saw Bryan earlier." I said and her eyes widen like it was going to pop up.

"Did he see you?"

"No.. I asked Ares to cover me up."

"Did Ares ask anything?"


"That's the point!!!" She smacked the table making me startled.

"Gosh.. I swear that Ares will be the best thing that happen to you if you try to open up!" She said pointing me with a knife that she used to cut the cake.

"Stop pointing me with that.. I hate it." I hissed as I scooped the cake into my mouth.

"Besides.. I don't want to hurt Ares either. He's okay but.. stepping up into the next level.. it's a no no." I said and Carrie dropped her knife. She looked at me seriously and she sat down.

"I love you, Roseanne. I do and always do.. so does your brother and your dad. We love you and we can guarantee you that we always be there for you but.. time will never stop. We will have our own lives and the idea of you being alone in the future is something that we all can't imagine, Rosie."

"We once had a meeting to arrange married you with someone but your brother really refused that idea. We tried to think ways for you to be happy because being alone.. is not you and we don't want to see you like this forever." She said gesturing my whole body.

"I'm so happy for you that you tried to open up to Ares. He's a great guy, you and I both know that. Listen.. a guy like him is one in a million, if you let him slip.. I bet you will regret it." She said as she got up from her chair walking towards the fridge.

"Carrie, relationship.. love is a two ways thing. It's a big deal and please stop forcing me.. you, Stefan and dad.. stop. Let me be alone because I know I can and it's better for me this way." I said and Carrie walked back with a bottle of milk.

"All I want you to do is give Ares a chance. If.. something bad happens to you and Ares, we will stop trying to set you up with people and we will stop forcing you to have someone."


"A chance.. one chance is enough. A real one please." Carrie said and I looked at my cake blankly. I waved my fork and turned to Carrie again.

"I know where this will end, Carrie. Do you want to see me breaking down again?" I asked her and she nodded.

"You're such a b*tch." I hissed coldly and she smirked. She suddenly got up again from her chair and pulled me into my room. She opened my closet and took out my favorite grey bodycon dress.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Strip." She said and I looked at her annoyed.

"You sound just like him." I said and her eyes widen. She squealed so loudly and I looked at her disbelief.


"Did he say 'strip' to you once? Is it when you guys have sex?" She teased and I smacked her arm.

"What is it for?"

"Wear it!"


"Wear it!"

"No! What are you doing?!" She's attacking me by pulling my shirt and kicked my legs.


"Get in the fucking dress!" She said and I glared at her. I obeyed her and she smirked at me big time. She grabbed my hand and dragged me out from my room. She grabbed my phone and pushed me towards the door. She kicked me out from my own apartment.

"What just happen?!" I said to myself snd I tried to press the lock but Carrie turned it off from the inside.

"Carrie! This is not funny!" I said as I banged the door.


"Go to Ares and apologize!" She said from the inside.


"Go or you can't get inside." She said and my jaw dropped. Carrie might be fun, silly and stuff but she's hella serious when she wants to do something.

"Carrie!!!" I banged the door so hard until my hand hurted. Instead of going to Ares, I sat down on the ground in front of my door waiting but Carrie was hella serious. She locked me for 2 hours already and my phone is going to die and I'm hungry.

It's 3% and I decided to call Ares. I know.. I'm calling Ares.


"Where are you?" I asked right away.

"Hi.. I'm good, how are you?" I raised my eyebrows when he answers weirdly.

"Ares.. where are you?"

"Apartment." He said flatly and I ended the call. I walked towards the lift and pressed his floor. After a short lift transportation, I walked out. I stood in front of Ares' apartment door thinking whether should I open by pressing the bell. Suddenly the door opened revealing Ares still in his PJs.

"What are you doi-" His eyes went from head to toe.

"Where are you going?" He asked.

"I just want to say sorry for what happened yesterday." I said and he looked at me confuse.

"What? What happened yesterday?" He asked and that made me 'shit.. what should I answer?'

"Nothing." I said and ready to go but he caught my hand. He pulled me inside his apartment. He closed the door and he looked at me again.

"That dress.. barefoot.. what are you trying to do?" He asked.

"Borrow a charger?" I said and he looked at me disbelief.

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