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Brenna flinched as Cap's shield met the Winter Soldier's mechanic arm. The horrid screech of metal on metal sent chills all through her body. For a few moments, all she could do was watch in confliction. Then, she recalled her own mission. Fiddling with a small compartment on her belt, she whipped out the target chip. She hurried to the controls in the center of the ship.

With shaking fingers it took a few tries, but Brenna managed to get it in the correct slot. "We're in!" Agent Hill's voice confirmed hopefully on the earpiece. "Brenna, Cap, get outta there," she ordered, "it's now or never."

Brenna rushed to peer over the railing of the platform to check on Steve and Bucky. They were still in the middle of an intense fight. But through the earpiece, she could hear Steve growl through gritted teeth. "Do it!"

Looking down through the glass, Brenna saw the Potomac beneath them. No human would survive that fall, even with water to break it. Thankfully, she, Cap, and the Winter Soldier weren't just human. "He's right," Brenna agreed firmly, "do it now!"

She hopped over the railing, falling nearly ten yards to the glass below. Landing on her feet with a powerful thud, she gained the attention of both super soldiers. But only for a split second before Bucky attacked Steve again.

Brenna raced over to them, hoping that she could calm the metal-armed man down. "Brenna, stay outta this!" Steve ordered when he saw her contemplating jumping in.

But Brenna didn't listen. The moment Bucky stopped moving so quickly, she grabbed his flesh arm. He whipped his head in her direction. For a long hesitation, the Winter Soldier felt guilt take over his soul. Brenna's golden eyes were begging him. "Please, Bucky," she pleaded.

His gaze grew dark at this. "That's not my name!" He yelled, throwing Brenna harshly across the glass. Explosions began to go off outside. Quickly, she crawled toward a metal beam, hoisting her aching body onto it just in time. Glass shattered all around her with an ear-splitting crash.

Turning her head toward the on-going battle, Brenna watched in bewilderment as the captain dropped his shield. The beam she was on jittered with instability, but she found herself unable to move. She wasn't too injured, there was no such thing as 'too injured' for Brenna. But her motivation was fading. Every pain from every bullet she'd taken that day became apparent as she laid still.

Another thunderous explosion sounded just next to her. She put a hand over her sun opal and coughed as smoke filled her lungs. Until she felt her body move involuntarily. Bucky was lifting her once again. He carried her swiftly to the more stable center of the helicarrier and sat her down delicately.

"I-I'm sorry, I d-didn't mean to..." Bucky stuttered out in shame, his eyes taking in Brenna's bloodied body. The body that'd he'd just tossed away like a rag, forgetting how much it meant to him in the midst of his battle.

Brenna took in a deep breath of fresher air, meeting his eyes with seriousness. "It's okay," she told him before asking desperately, "where's Steve?" When Bucky showed no sign of understanding, she clarified, "Captain America; where is he?"

The Winter Soldier's eyes flashed with memory and sorrow. "..He fell," he muttered. His gaze drifted past Brenna, travelling into another world. "Steve...."

Brenna pushed herself off the ground and stood through the pain. She wasn't out of energy yet, and Steve needed her. "Come on, Bucky," she urged, moving toward the gaping hole where glass once covered. She took his flesh hand and began to lead him.

He repeated again what he'd said before, but instead of with anger, with confusion and uncertainty. "That...that's not..my name...."

Brenna looked up into his eyes; he truly was puzzled. "It's okay," she told him, "we'll figure this out." The wind from the falling helicarrier blew in their faces as they stood at the edge. "Do you trust me?" Brenna asked in a calm voice.

Bucky's eyes didn't waver, and his head nod was sure. It made Brenna's heart thump. Then, still gripping his hand tightly, she let herself fall. The Winter Soldier fell behind her, not hesitating to follow the one who promised to be his friend. Even after everything he'd done, all the lives he'd taken, all the families he'd destroyed. She was his friend. His.

The falling sensation was almost peaceful. The sound of rushing wind drowned out the distancing explosions. Brenna felt her body being enclosed in Bucky's arms as they neared the water. She closed her eyes and let him hold her. Then they were in the water.

The speed of the fall sent them deep under the surface. Brenna felt her body being released and swam up. Breaking the surface, she took a deep breath. She searched for Steve and Bucky, but both were missing. Diving back down, Brenna tried desperately to find them. Nothing. She took a ragged breath of air when she came back up again. And her eyes landed on a bittersweet scene. The Winter Soldier dragging an unconscious Steve Rogers out of the Potomac river.

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