ZaneXReader: Battle Wounds (First POV)

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That's all I saw.

But I could hear.

A piercing ringing made my ears bleed. Beyond the ring, I could hear voices.

"Y/N!! Wake Up!!"

"She's bleeding too much! We have to retreat and head back to base!"

"Zane! Take her back, we'll hold them off as long as we can!"

I could feel.

I felt cold metal against my face and front, I could feel a warm liquid seep from something on my back.

I could taste.

A metallic flavor flooded my mouth, slipping past my lips.

I felt arms wrap around my body, lifting me. I felt the wind rush past me.

"Please hold on Y/N! Don't you dare give up on me!" A voice begged me.

Before I succumbed completely into oblivion, a single name passed through my thoughts.



I groaned, trying desperately to pry open my eyes. My back was cold, something dabbing against it.

Suddenly, I jerked conscious when memories flooded my brain. The mission, the bots, Garmadon's army, the battle. Searing pain plunged into my back when I remembered why I had blacked out. The metal of a sword slicing through my uniform, shredding skin. I cried out in pain.

"It's okay Y/N. You're safe now." A deep voice said behind me.

I froze.

"Z-Zane?" I whimpered.

The dabbing on my back stopped and a small kiss was placed against the back of my head.

"Yes Y/N. It's me."

I blushed, noticing that my shirt was torn in the back, all the way down and pushed out of the way. I squirmed, trying to get up, but was pushed back down when I cried out as my wounds moved and reopened.

"Don't move!" I froze at his order.

He dabbed at my wounds, me whimpering the entire time. Finally, he removed the rag, now most likely stained blood red.

"Please forgive me Y/N." He said sadly. "This will hurt."

Confused at what he said, I wasn't prepared for the terrifying sting plunging into the wounds when he dabbed a wet cloth onto the gash marks. I nearly screamed, settling for a sob of pain, clenching my fists, the smell of alcohol tickling my nose.

"Zane it hurts!" I cried out, tears spilling down my face.

"I know..." He whispered. "I'm almost done. I'm cleaning the wounds."

I grit my teeth to the point of pain as he dabbed again and again. When he said he finished, I breathed a sigh of relief. I heard him stand and he pressed another kiss to the back of my head. I went red.

"Nya will help you get changed and bandage your wounds. I'll see you later Y/N." His voice came before his footsteps faded from the bedroom.

Seconds later, loud thumping was heard, heading towards this door. I turned my head to see the door slam open and a tear-stricken Nya standing in the doorway. She sobbed.

"Y/N I'm so sorry! We couldn't protect you!"

I smiled weakly. Nya and I were like sisters since I was the only other girl ninja.

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