Death of Dreams ( 42 )

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Ty and I were both dead silence as we walked back to the group. My face was still bright red from the "incident" that happened on the bench. I sure Ty's was too, but he refused to look my direction. He was also walking funny. At first, I thought that I'd pushed off too hard and that I had hurt him. However, as we walked back to the others we turned the corner I saw Ty's little well, no it wasn't little." tent pole" was at "full salute"... Oh, screw it! He had a boner and he was desperately trying to hide it. This, needlessly to say, this caused me to blush even harder as I began to pray for death.

Thankfully, we soon found the others and I pushed it out of my thoughts. They were still looking through various books when Alex looked up and saw us.

"Hey," He greeted closing his book," Find anything useful?"

"You could say that.", I replied.

Ty and I explained what we found to the others. When we finished it was safe to say they were shocked.

"So you're the ancient reincarnation of some holy nuke made by the gods?", Alex questioned.

"Well," Ty began to explain," It's not reincarnation. Reincarnation is at random. In this case, it's passed down through Larisa's bloodline. And secondly, it's not technicity a nuke so to say."

"It's a weapon made by gods I'm calling it a nuke.", Alex joked.

I laughed at him and the others joined in. As we laughed I felt some of the tremendous weight easy off my shoulder. However, the overwhelming weight was still crushing me. As if a large weight was tied around my chest keeping me from fully being able to breathe. My laugh stopped and I looked to the floor. I cursed myself for showing this weakness in front of the others. I tried to find a fake smile to wear but to no avail. I could almost hear my father scolding me in my mind.

I felt a soft hand gripped me reassuringly on the shoulder. I looked over to see Ty smiling affectionately at me. Seeing his warm smile brought one to my face. Not a fake smile I had used many times in my life by a true genuinely happy smile.

"It's gonna be okay."

They were simply words but they calmed me down and I thanked him. I took a deep breath to keep myself from drowning in emotion. 

"It's been eventful for all of us. I think it's time for all of us to get some sleep. I'll ask Krya if we can stay the night here."

As if on cue Krya opened the door to the left of us with he back as her hands were full with a tray of freshly baked cookies.

" Of course!", She cheered, " You can still as long as you want. Is anyone hungry? I made cookies! They're Peanut Butter Blossoms!"

"My favorite!", I cheered without thinking.

"I know."

After inhaling like forty cookies I fell into a food coma on one of the couches in the library. In my dazed state, I heard a small chuckle from Ty as he laid a blanket over the top of me before he too laid down.


Thunder boomed in the sky causing me to shoot up from the library couch. Only I wasn't on the couch. Instead of tough and bulky leather, I laid on wet rain-soaked grass. Lighting flash as I caught my bearings.

The unfamiliar planets in the sky. The mystical glow. Crystal blue lakes.

I was in Dreamscape.

I had visited the Dreamscape multiple times but never once had the weather here changed. Now it storms. I thought as a voice interrupted me.

"Hello, Darling."

I smiled knowing exactly who it was as I turned around. However, my face dropped as saw the man before me.

Sardis stood weakly. His black jacket was ripped in multiple places. He was covered in blood from deep cuts and gashes across his body. He was a ghostly pale as his whole body quivered as he struggled to stand.

Suddenly his legs gave out causing him to fall. I ran to him just catching his head at the last moment. I held him and cradled his head in my lap.

"Perhaps bringing you both here used up too much of my remaining strength.", He laughed weakly.


Then I hear another voice call out through the storm.

"Sardis!", the voice cried worriedly.

I look towards the voice and through the haze of the raging storm I just made out a bright yellow shirt. The figure was sprinting towards us at full speed. 


He quickly reached us. When he did he instantly dropped to the ground and kneeled next to his bloodied brother in my lap.

Ty said nothing as he looked down at his brother the pain clear on his face. Ty's sadness soon to angry as he spoke.

"I'm going to kill him.", Ty sneered.

Sardis only laughed at his brother's words.

"It seems my protective big brother hasn't changed much after all. Still worries over me.", Sardis said shakily.

"You expect me to not. Look at you!", Ty yelled angrily.

"This was my own fault. I broke the terms of our deal. I'm lucky he didn't do worse."

"You shouldn't have made the deal in the first place!"

"Now's not the time to dwell in the past. The words future hangs in the balance. Zeref has learned of Vokoun locations and he has begun preparations to break the seal on his tome. If he resumes his true form they'll be with no way anyone will be able to stop him. He'll destroy everything and everyone to rebuild the world and place himself at the top. We have no choice now you must do it."

"I already told you! I wouldn't do it.", Ty rebuttal.

"Do what?", I questioned.

"Zeref may be an immortal, but I'm not. If you kill me you'll kill him too."

"No!", Ty and I said in unison.

"There's no time to argue this. Zerefs is destroying this world as we speak.", Sardis said gesturing to the raging storm above, " You both must hurry to his tome now and finish this... Please... I can't fight him much longer. He's too strong for me. But you two can. "

"We have Spero! I can save you and stop Zeref just hold on a little longer, please. I can't lose you.", Ty pleaded.

"Ty I know the same things Zeref does. You don't know how to use it."

"We'll figure it out.", I said.

I have to.

The Thunder roared as the earth began to crack around us. More lighting stuck down as a colossal cloud of Darkness formed and began swallowing the land.

" I trust you'll try everything you can to save me, brother. But if it comes to it you must kill me. Promise me this."

Tears welled in Ty's eye but he slowly nodded his head.

"I need to hear you say it, Ty"

"I promise", TY said, his voice cracking as he did.

The cloud of Darkness grew closer as Ty and I bodies began to fade out.

"Thank you, brother. But, if you stay here any longer you'll both will be destroyed along with the dreamscape... Until next time, my friends."


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