KaiXReader: Personalities (Part 2)

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Includes blood, and death


"We're surrounded!" Jay yelled, disarming yet another samurai and knocking him unconscious.

You cursed as you followed his lead, whirling around and disarming an ax-wielding skeleton. You chopped off his head, knowing that it would just replace it.

"Let me out! Let them die! Let them die by our hand!"

You growled.

"No! I swore that I would never kill anyone again because of what you did!" You whispered loudly.

"It's my turn! You have no control over me! I grow strong during battle! I could snap your own neck if I wanted to!" She shrieked.

You winced at the screech. Disarming a samurai, you whirled around, surveying the battle.

Ever ninja was busy, disarming and wounding, trying to get to that stupid General, the one who helped to make you this way.

"Kill them all! Let me free!" She screamed.

"I'm not letting you free!!" You said angrily.


You whipped around, your eyes widening.

"Kai made a path! Let's go!" Cole grabbed your arm, pulling you closer towards where Kai battled the General.

As we grew closer, Kai turned his head towards us, opening his mouth wide.

"Guys, I could use a little--"

Suddenly, you and Jay were tackled, buried under a hill of skeletons and samurai. Your eyes went wide when you saw Kai get knocked to the ground.

"No Kai!" You screamed, thrashing underneath the pile.

The general rose his sword, his disgusting cackle filling the air. You finally broke free of the pile, running full speed, your eyes seeing nothing but red, your thoughts on repeat.

'Kill Kill Kill Kill.'

You whipped your extra sword from its sheath. The General's back was to you, giving you the advantage. You were so focused on the general you failed to realize that the other you slipped out. Your s/c skin grew into a dark lifeless black, your eyes fading into f/c.

You leaped, the sword pointed to where his heart laid. You smirked as you watched the sword plunged through his armor, and you nearly laughed at his scream of pain. The sight of the sword glinting in the sunlight, drenched in blood poking out on the other side excited you. His blood spilled into the dirt, bathing it a vibrant red. Turning him around, you grabbed his collar, bringing him to your face with the blade at his throat.

"Never touch my family." You snarled.

Your smirk widened at the fear in his eyes. You pressed the blade into his throat, whipping it across his skin. Bright red blood gushed from the slit, bathing your face and clothing.

Only then did she give you back your body. Your skin turned back into its clear s/c, your eyes turning back into e/c.

You shook your head. When your vision cleared, you gasped and stumbled back in terror. In front of you was the bloody corpse of the general, face-down in the dirt. The sword in your hand fell with a clatter. You looked down at your clothing, eyes watering at the bloodstains. Tears flooded your cheeks and you stepped back, away from the corpse and from Kai, who's face stared at you, shocked and maybe even fearful. You suddenly screamed as a bone-shattering throb racked your skull. You pressed the heels of your palms against your temples.

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