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It was the day after Lisa had gotten herself situated on the resort that Jennie had finally texted her saying that she had arrived and that they'd talk later. And after a few hours, Jennie had indeed requested a video call from her.

Now she was on the phone with Jennie who was getting ready for bed while Lisa had just recently woken up.

Hi, you, Jennie greeted as she adjusted her sitting position on the bed.

"Hey." Lisa smiled and followed suit by bringing the pillow she was clutching closer to her chest.

How are you?

"Shouldn't I be the one asking you that?" she mused, and Jennie laughed.

I don't even know. Don't hate me for worrying about you.

And for a while Lisa just stared at the screen with a very still expression that it looked much like a paused frame of a broken movie clip.

Liz? Are you okay?

The image blurred as Jennie shook her phone. Is it the WiFi? Hello? she confused.

Lisa wanted to correct her saying that the WiFi was working perfectly fine. She could hear her and see her just fine—so fine that she literally didn't miss any millisecond of Jennie's face earlier as it turned into an adorable confused look.

Lisa blinked a few times, cleared her throat, and blinked again before she finally answered. "Um, no, no, no. I'm fine. And the WiFi's good. I can hear you."

Then what was that...? Jennie trailed off.

Lisa then dumbfounded, "It's just that my girlfriend's so pretty she still manages to take my breath away even from the other side of the world."

And she swore that she wasn't trying to be cheesy, but there was just something about Jennie Kim and nighttime that always felt hallowed to her. Maybe it was the way her eyes were droopier at night and every blink seemed to last a lifetime. Maybe it was the way her lips were redder from brushing her teeth and the way her face seemed to glow from her nightly skin-care routine. Or maybe it was simply because of the realization that she was one of the very few people in Jennie's life whom she had allowed a chance to see her in this barest and most vulnerable form.

Someone once told her that if she ever wanted to know whether a girl was truly beautiful or not, she should first see her right before she went to bed and as soon as she woke up. And if this was any least bit true at all, then Jennie Kim must've been the most beautiful girl she had ever laid her eyes on.

Jennie blushed and ducked her head down in embarrassment. Aish... stop it, you cheeseball. You always do this!

Lisa put up her hand that wasn't holding the phone. "You know very well that you saying that is not actually gonna stop me from doing it."

Jennie, realizing the truth in her statement, dropped her case and sighed.

Fiinee... do whatever you want.

Then her expression changed into one showing her clear concern.

But seriously, how are you? What do you think about the room? It's not too much, isn't it? I told them to give you the smallest suite, but even I thought it was still pretty big back then, she added, and Lisa just watched as she fussed.

No matter how many times Jennie had cared for her like this, it would always warm her up in ways that nobody else had ever done before. She wasn't sure what was different with this girl herself. But she thought that maybe it was because when Jennie said that she cared, she really did mean it.

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