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Brenna smiled happily when Bucky agreed. She took his metal hand into hers and walked over to a two-seated couch. Letting her lead him, Bucky felt like he was being controlled. Not the cruel kind of control that HYDRA had once had over him, but something much more peaceful and voluntary. He followed the Stark girl's lead, sitting down on the couch at her side.

"Woah," he mumbled, sinking into the cushion. It was then that Brenna realized, he probably wasn't used to things this soft yet. After decades of prison cells and ice boxes, sitting on a luxurious couch was sure to feel strange. But Bucky welcomed the strangeness, making himself comfortable beside Brenna.

The movie played quietly, but Bucky found it hard to pay attention with Brenna curled up beside him. While she watched the screen, he watched her. He found it much more entertaining to see Brenna's different expressions as the movie rolled on. When it ended, and she turned the TV off, the only light came from the stars outside her large window.

Snapping back to reality, the Winter Soldier stood abruptly and looked around, scared he'd forget where he was. "Bucky?" Brenna spoke in a questioning tone, also coming to her feet. His eyes were full of alertness when they landed on hers. In the dark room, they were bold and mysterious. "It's okay," she soothed, watching his face relax again, "we're in the Avengers tower, remember? You came here to bring my jacket back."

Bucky was finally settled, hearing her explain this to him. Of course, he already knew this, but it was relieving to know that it wasn't his imagination toying with him. This was real. She was real. He kept his gaze glued to Brenna's dark gold eyes for a moment longer, then turned. Walking toward the still-open window, he told her, "I have to go."

Brenna followed behind him, her smile fading. The digital clock next the her bed glowed, reading 3:47 am. She grabbed his hand before he could leave. He looked down at her small hand grasping his. "Why do you keep doin' that?" He questioned.

"Oh," Brenna muttered, realizing that she did, in fact, take his hand quite often. Releasing him, she apologized awkwardly, "sorry, I guess I'm just used to....." She trailed off when she noticed the amused grin on his face.

"Don't worry about it," Bucky told her, looking into her eyes. He reached forward and took her hand back into his own.

Brenna blushed, adverting her gaze as she smiled shyly. "Will you visit me again?" She asked hesitantly, hoping she wasn't crossing any boundaries.

Bucky was silent for a while. She wanted him to come back? Again? It baffled him, but he gladly accepted it. "If that's what you want, Brenna," he assured her in a low voice.

Feeling her confidence build back up, Brenna smiled up at him. She tip-toed, leaning forward slowly, so as not to startle him. When her face was finally right beside his, she placed a gentle kiss on his jawbone. Coming back down to her heels, Brenna smirked at the super soldier's wide eyes and reddening cheeks. "Don't make me wait too long," she told him in a sweet tease.

Bucky's grin shrank into a shy smile, causing Brenna's heart to just about melt. He nodded shortly, letting go of her hand. "If the circumstances were different, you wouldn't have to wait at all," he spoke in a new, sweeter tone. He then disappeared into the night, leaving Brenna to marvel at the progress he was already making. He really was getting back to himself; slowly, but definitely, remembering who he was before HYDRA. One memory at a time.

• June 24, 2014 •

It was an average day for Brenna, spending the morning with her father in his workshop. She wasn't of much use, not having the extensive knowledge that Tony had on mechanics. But she insisted on helping in any small way possible.

"Has Natasha called?" Brenna asked as she handed a tiny screwdriver to Tony.

"You tell me," he responded, focusing carefully on the precision of his work, "I didn't get you a cell phone for nothing."

Brenna stiffled a laugh. The day after arriving home from the big mission, her father made sure to get her a cell phone. He never wanted to not be able to get a hold of her again. It was ironic, however, to Brenna; her punishment for being reckless was a new phone and the promise of one day being an Avenger.

Whipping out her phone, she turned on the screen and searched through her calls list. "Still nothing," she observed with a sigh of frustration.

"Well, don't take it personally," Tony assured her, "it'll probably be a while before she can show her face in public again.

Brenna nodded in understanding, moving to sit on a nearby tabletop. Tony frowned. "Hey, uh uh," he called, irritaion in his voice, "what is this to you, a playground? That's my workspace. Up, now."

With an overdramatic sigh, Brenna slid off the table and snickered. "Why don't you go on upstairs?" Tony suggested, "Cap should be gettin' here soon."

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