ColeXReader: Dogs Get All The Love (Part 1)

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You hummed as you scrubbed a dish, placing it onto the rack to dry. A sigh escaped your lips and you used your hand to shield your e/c eyes from the blinding sunlight that peeked through the small window above the sink.

The ninja had been gone all day, saying something about an important mission in town. You shuddered.

The last time you were in that city was terrifying, you were nearly killed during a battle and if it hadn't been for Cole, the earth ninja, you would have been.

He saved you, sheltered you, and took care of the wounds you had received. You wanted to repay your debt, so you begged Master Wu to allow you to live in the dojo, working as some kind of maid.

"You have worked hard Y/N."

You nearly jumped at the voice. You sighed as you turned to see Master Wu walk into the kitchen, his eyes shining with kindness. You smiled, tucking a h/c strand behind your ear.

"Thank you, Master Wu, I just need something to do while I wait for the cake to finish."

He chuckled.

"Cake? Did you make it for Cole?"

You blushed and swiftly turned away, hoping he didn't see it. The oven chimed and you rushed over to turn it off and slip the hot and fluffy cake from the inside. Smiling, you placed it onto the counter, getting the vanilla frosting and beginning to smoothly dress the cake. Almost immediately, the frosting began to melt, coating the cake in vanilla goodness. Swiping some from the container, you licked it off your finger, humming in approval.

"I made it for everyone. I just hope that it tastes good." You answered Master Wu's question.

He patted your head as if praising you. You looked up at him, your e/c doe-like eyes shining.

"They will love it." He stepped away, heading towards the entrance, one arm behind his back. "They should be home soon, will you come with me to greet them?"

"No thank you, Master Wu, I'll finish up here."


You sighed as you washed the last dish, placing it onto the rack. You began wiping your hands on your (skirt/shorts/pants) when suddenly two arms built with muscle wrapped around your waist. Your face exploded with a blush.

"Hey Y/N." A deep voice said in your ear.

"H-Hey C-Cole." You stammered, staring at the sink in front of you.

"Whatcha doing?" He asked.

You swallowed and cleared your throat.

"I-I just finished the dishes. And I um...." You cleared your throat again. "I made a cake."

He whipped you around, his hands on your shoulders. Your face burned. His brownie batter eyes twinkled and shone, his lips a beaming smile.

"You made a cake?!" He asked eagerly.

You nodded and pointed towards the fridge.

"It's cooling off right now."

He bolted over, tearing open the fridge and taking out the plate holding the vanilla covered sweetness. He placed it onto the table, rushing to get a knife and a smaller plate. You bite your lip when he cut into the cake, slipping his piece onto the glass plate. Taking a fork, he dug into it, popping into his mouth. He moaned happily.

"I-Is it any good?" You asked nervously, fiddling with your fingers.

He looked at you, swallowing his mouthful, and nodded happily.

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