Chapter 1

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Staring at the wall I hold the pillows up to my ears as my sister and her boyfriend continue on with their lovemaking session. Grabbing my remote I turn the tv up because my arms were getting tired. They've been at it since this morning it's now the afternoon.

| Later on that day|

In the middle of me binge-watching stranger things, Jesus walks into my room smiling causing me to roll my eyes.

"What Jesus I'm in the middle of a new show". I said watching him take off his shirt and toss my covers back before getting in bed beside me.

"Damn so I can't come hang with my best friend now". He asked laying his head on my shoulder looking up at me.

"Oh so now I'm your best friend now that you aren't fucking on my sister". I ask causing him to let out a loud sigh.

"You really about to do this shit that's my girl and you my best friend". He said but I continued to watch the tv when he grabbed my face making me look at him.

"Can you get out". I ask moving his hand from my face and he stared at me before smacking his lips and laying back.

"What do you think you doing". I ask sitting up and he pushes me back down.

"Get up again and we gone be boxing in this bitch you know how I get down Avalon don't play with me". He said putting his whole body on top of mines.

"Get up before your little girlfriend comes in here acting a fool and then I'm gone have to treat her to a nice ass whooping". I said trying to get him to get up but he starts tickling me.

"STOP JESUS". I yell thrashing around and he bit my neck.

"Nah you was talking all that hot shit Wassup". He said smiling down at me when my room door opened causing him to hop off of me.

"What you doing in here". Trinity asked with her arms folded.

"I just came to chill with my best friend". He said standing up.

"Well I want to go mall let's go". She said as he put his shirt back on.

"Aight cool Avalon you coming". He asked looking over at me.

"No, she's busy". Trinity said answering before I could.

"You know what Yea I want to go let me get dressed". I said standing up and she stormed away from the door.

"I'll be in the car when you done". He said and I nodded as I start to put my clothes on.

After getting dressed I grab my phone and keys before walking out of my room and out of the house. Walking towards the car I open the front door getting in before putting my seat belt on.

"Where is Trinity ". I ask looking in the back seat.

"She still in the house which I don't know how you out before her and she was already dressed". He said looking down at his phone and when I was going to reply the front door swung open.

"Get in the back". She said mugging me as I looked at her.

"What's a back never heard of it". I said looking forward.

"Get your ass in the back Avalon I'm not playing". She said raising her voice looking at Jesus to see if he was watching which he wasn't.

"What you trying to show out for he not even paying attention to you". I said holding on to the buckle of the seat belt.

"Bitch I'm not showing out this is my nigga's car so get in the back, baby tell her to get in the back". She said and we both looked over at Jesus who was looking at me with pleading eyes.

"Really Jesus". I ask with my head tilted.

"Man come on please Avalon". He asked and I sigh unbuckling my seat belt pushing Alicia out of the way

"Move bitch". I said walking towards the house.

"Where you going". Jesus asked and I threw up my middle finger.

"I said I don't know what a back is bitch". I said before walking in the house closing the door.

I don't know why he thought I was going to get in the back seat.

"Man Avalon Stop fucking playing man you know how I get down get in the back". Jesus said walking into the house behind me.

"Walk away because you really got me tight right now I'm not getting in the back seat that shit is unfair you saw me sitting right there first so fuck it take her to the mall". I said laying on my bed cutting the tv back on.

"You being childish right now Avalon that's my girl what you expect". He said leaning against the door frame.

"I expect for you to be fair girlfriend or not but it's cool get out". I said staring at the tv and after a minute of him staring at me he walked out slamming the door.

He'll never understand...


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