Chapter 4

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|A few weeks later|

So about a week ago I got my own apartment nobody knows except for Indy and I have to say living on my own is great. I haven't talked to Jesus at all and he's been blowing me up but after that night when he didn't come after me I was over it I mean what did I expect.

Pouring myself a glass of wine I get comfortable as the tv played home alone.

Just as I go to take a sip there was loud banging on the door. Standing up I pull my shorts down and walk over to the door.

"Who is it". I ask holding my hand on the door knob.

"Jesus". The person said and I let go of the handle.

"Go away". I said standing on my tippy toes to look out the peephole.

"On my dead homies you better open this door". He said and I rolled my eyes unlocking the locks.

Before I could fully get the door open he burst inside slamming the door behind him as I backed up.

"Stop slamming shit you gone get me put out". I said rolling my eyes as I walked back over to the couch taking a seat in my previous spot.

"I don't give a fuck about none of that why you ain't been answering my calls and text messages". He said taking a seat beside me.

"Cause you don't like to listen you like to do what the fuck you want to do". I said picking up my glass to take a sip and he knocked it out of my hand leaving me shocked.

"What the hell Jesus this is a new carpet". I said punching him in his chest before picking the glass up and going to get a towel.


Watching her walk back in she bends down In front of me and I don't know what happened but next thing I know I had her bent over the couch screaming my name.

"You like that shit". I ask slapping her ass as I bit my lip.

"Mmm yes daddy". She moaned leaning back to kiss me as I continued to beat her shit up.

Picking her up I place her back against the wall and slide in her causing us both to moan out.

"Damn this shit so tight and wet". I said biting on the side of her neck.

"Right there daddy". She said clenching her walls around my dick.

"Don't do that shit Avalon". I said groaning into her ear.

She didn't listen and I bust deep inside her. Grabbing my face she kissed me while I was still inside her holding her against the wall.

"I'm tired". She said laying her head in the crook of my neck.

"Wake that ass up I'm ready for round two". I said slapping her ass as I made my way to the back looking for her room.

|3 hours later|

Looking over I see that she was sleep so I slide out of the bed and get dressed. As I was doing that I got a call from my homie cee murda.

"Nigga we go a situation to handle". He said as soon as the call connected.

"Say no more". I said hanging up before walking out of the room and house.

Getting in my car I drive off towards the spot.

~The Spot~

Getting out of the car I dap murda up before holding my pants up with one hand as we walked towards the building.

"So wassup what's the problem". I ask as we walk into the living room.

"Them NCE niggas robbed the new runner you hired the other day". He said and I shook my head.

"How much did they get". I ask grabbing bullets out of my desk.

"He started off easy he only had 2,000 worth on him but the money he did make from selling they took". He said and I nodded my head.

"You know they location". I ask and he nods as we walk out of my office.

"Yea Brodie said he seen them nigga hanging around Stilwell". He said as we got in the car and I started it up.

"Oh we catching some bodies tonight they cliqued up with niggas we don't fuck with". I said pulling off and heading down the street.

"Some shit don't seem right with lil bro story". He said and I looked over at him.

"Why you say that". I ask pulling my phone out and seeing Avalon text me.

"There them niggas go right there". He said and I tossed my phone in the cup holder and stopped the car getting out.

Slamming the door that caught their attention and they stopped talking. Pulling out my gun I cock it and hold it to my side.

"You bitches thought that shit was sweet". I ask now standing in front of them.

"Man we don't even know what the fuck you talking about get the fuck on somewhere". The leader of NCE BJ said.

Lifting my gun up I shoot him in his leg and out of nowhere cop cars surrounded us.

"Y'all set us up". We all said at the same time and looked at eachother crazily.

"Nigga I ain't not rat I don't fuck with 12". I said just as they came up handcuffing us all.

Getting placed into the back of the cop car I throw my head back.

"Fuck man". I say as they place murda In the car.

"I knew some shit wasn't right that nigga played us". He said shaking his head.

"He got something coming for him". I said nodding my head as the car pulled off.

He just don't know what he started...


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