Chapter 5

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Sitting in the cell they haven't let me make not one phone call since I been here and it's been three days already. Murda is out but I'm in for having an unlicensed weapon.

"Yo I need to make a phone call". I called out holding onto the cell bars.

"Sit down Jesus". The cop that was watching my block said.

"Bitch I need to make a phone call". I said smacking my lips.

"And I said sit down". He said causing me to mug him.

I heard a buzzing sound and the gate opened up just as the head policeman walked up.

"you got five minutes then it's back to your cell". He said and I nod following behind him.

Stopping in front of the the phones he moves and I walk over dialing Trinity's number.

It rang and rang but she never picked up so I called the next person I knew who would answer.


Waking up I hear my phone ringing in the side of me. Feeling around I finally find it and answer it.

"You have a collect call from, Jesus, do you accept". The automated voice said causing me to quickly sit up and push my hair out of my face.

"I accept". I said and the line switched over.

"Yo Avalon I need you to go to my house and go get my bail money for me". He said as soon as it switched over.

"What did you do". I ask throwing the cover off of my body before grabbing a shirt and pants throwing them on not caring if they matched or not.

"Nothing why you always think I did something have you no faith in me". He said causing us both to laugh.

"I do but let's be real you always in some shit but I'll be there in thirty minutes". I said grabbing my purse and keys as I walked out of the house.

"Aight Preciate it". He said as I got in the car starting it up.

"You have one minute left". The automated voice said.

"Ill see you when you get here". He said before hanging up.

Tossing my phone in my purse I drive off towards his house.

~15 minutes later~

Getting out I walk up to the door and look for my key that he gave me. Finding it I unlock the door and walk in upon closing the door I hear noises upstairs causing me to scrunch my face up.

Walking upstairs the noise was coming from his room so I walk to his room door and twist the knob pushing the door open.

"Yo what the fuck". A dude said looking over at me as the girl screamed and tried to cover herself.

Squinting my eyes I look closer at the girl and it's Trinity.

"Are you serious right now". I ask with a look of disgust.

"What are you doing here". She asked still covering her body.

"You cheating on my bestfriend in his house and you asking me what IM doing here bitch I'm about to fuck you up". I said taking my earrings out of my ears and placing them on his dresser.

"Cheating wait this ain't your house". The dude asked looking over at her with a confused look.

"Nigga didn't I just say that". I ask looking at him with a mug on my face.

"Well who's house is it". He asked and she stayed quiet.

"Grimeyy and he will know about this shit so get your shit and get out and as for you". I said to him as I was walking up on Trinity.

Drawing my hand back I start punching her anywhere I could hit her.

"Yo shorty you got to chill". He said tightly gripping my arm.

Turning around I swing my free arm and hit him in his nose and it instantly started bleeding. Holding his nose in shock for a second he drew his arm back and slapped me causing me to fall to the floor as he grabbed his things and walked out.

Standing up I walk out and go get the money for  Jesus and head towards the front door.

"Please don't tell him Avalon". Trinity begged as I opened the front door.

"Oh I'm going to tell him cause what you did is disrespectful as fuck". I said walking out and slamming the front door.

Getting in my car I drive off towards the jailhouse.

~20 minutes later~

After getting pat down and paying for Jesus to be released I take a seat.

Not even ten minutes later he walks out and over to me with his arms out to give me a hug. Standing up smiling I give him a hug.

Pulling away he looks at my cheek and his smile flattens.

"What the hell happened to your face Avalon that shit swollen". He asked grabbing my chin turning my head so he could see the mark.

"Let's get in the car and I'll tell you". I said grabbing his hand and walking out of the building.

Getting in the car I start driving towards his house.

"So you not gone tell me what the fuck happened to your face". He asked turning his body towards me leaning against the door as he stared at me.

"I went over to your house to get the money and I heard something upstairs so I went up there and caught Trinity having sex with some dude on your bed so I started fighting her and the dude tried to stop me so I hit him and he slapped me". I said and he didn't say anything causing me to look over at him with a confused expression.

"You don't have anything to say". I ask make the turn down his street and he still didn't say anything.

Stopping in front of his house I cut the car off and we get out walking into the house and guess who was here.

"Trinity why you crying baby". He asked walking over to her holding her.

"Avalon came in here fighting me because she said that she wants you for herself and I'm in the way". She said and my mouth dropped in shock.

"What she...". I started to say but he cut me off.

"Get the fuck out". He said calmly as I looked at him.

"What". I ask in shock.

"I SAID GET THE FUCK OUT". He yelled and I nodded my head.

"After today don't call me for shit have that bitch do it". I said walking out and slamming the door.

Getting in my car I drive off.

The shit you do for niggas and the way they repay you is crazy...


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