Chapter 6

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|4 months later|        

Right now I'm walking around the mall with Indy she has a date with some dude she meet at the grocery store.

"Girl you getting kind of fat". She said rubbing my stomach causing me to smack her hand away.

"Stop Indy". I said rolling my eyes as she laughed.

"What I'm just saying you've always been small now all of a sudden you gaining weight". She said with a shrug.

"Is that a bad thing". I ask with my eyebrow raised.

"No it looks good on you boo I'm just making jokes". She said with a shrug as she picked up a shirt putting it up to her body.

"No". She asked looking at the face I was giving her.

"No". I said causing us both to laugh.

Looking over I see a cute shirt on sale so I walk over and grab it to take a closer look.

"Girl is that Trinity and Jesus". Indy said and I continued to look at the shirt.

"They coming our way". She said and I scrunched up my face.

"I don't know the fuck for". I said just as they stopped in front of us.

"Wassup Avalon". Jesus said causing me to scoff.

"Girl what's wrong with you". Indy said nudging my arm.

I haven't told her about what went down a few months ago so she doesn't know the situation at hand.

"Nothing I just don't associate myself with ain't shit niggas and free pussy". I said with a shrug and Indy covered her mouth trying  not to laugh.

"You got a problem". Trinity said and I directed my attention towards her.

"It's whatever you want it to be so wassup". I said tossing the shirt on the rack and walking up to her but Jesus held his hand out in front of her.

"Yo chill Avalon". He said as I forcefully pushed his hand out of the way.

"Don't touch me bitch we ain't cool". I said looking him up and down with a mug on my face.

"Say man watch that bitch word you getting me tight you know ion play that shit". He said smacking his lips.

"But the question is do I care though, FUCK NO fuck out of here". I said as I went over and grabbed the shirt before walking away to the check out line.

"What was that I thought you loved Jesus". Indy said walking behind me.

"I hate to say it I hope I don't sound ridiculous I don't know who this man is I mean he could be walking down the street I wouldn't, I wouldn't know a thing sorry to that man". I said and she started laughing once she knew I was copying keke plamer.

"I hate you bro". She said as I grabbed my bag from the cashier.

"Let's go get something to eat I'm starving". I said and she stopped and looked over at me.

"Okay seriously now Avalon we just ate thirty minutes ago wait are you pregnant". She asked with a shocked look.

"What no I'm not pregnant". I said waving her off.

"Prove it then". She said grabbing my hand and dragging me out of the mall.

Getting in the car she drives off as I buckle up my seat belt.

"Okay I don't know about you but I love my life so you need to slow down for real you know I don't play that Indy". I said looking over at her as she rolled her eyes.

"Girl boo". She said smacking her lips.

"Girl boo my ass I see you still slowed down though". I said bucking at her.

"You want to fight". She asked stopping at the red light looking over at me.

"It's whatever". I said with a shrug and we both burst out laughing as she started back driving.

[A/N: I really do this with the cousin I was raised with we always trying to fight each other or if we do then we cool 30 minutes later.]

~5 minutes later~

Pulling outside of the store we get out and walk in looking for the aisle with the pregnancy test.

As we were looking I heard familiar voices talking but I went on about my business.

"Girl they must be following us". Indy said but I ignored her and took the test that she had in her hand and looked at it.

"Wassup what y'all doing here y'all following us or something". Jesus said and I quickly hid the test behind my back.

"Honestly get a life". I said rolling my eyes as he looked at me licking his lips.

"Oh I got a life with my girl". He said as I walked away to the register.

"FUCK THAT BITCH". I yelled towards him and I heard him laughing as I paid for my things.

After paying for the test me and Indy left and went to my house.

Sitting in the bathroom we wait for the timer to go off.

"So who's the baby daddy if you are pregnant ". She asked and I shrugged.

"You don't know who your baby daddy is". She asked with a look of shock.

"I do it's just none of your business". I said and she nodded.

"I respect it". She said just as the timer went off.

Picking it up I looked at it and clear as day it said positive.

"Omg I'm about to be an auntie". Indy squealed cause me to laugh as tears fell.

"This is crazy". I said looking down at the test.

"Come on we're about to go celebrate". She said grabbing my hand.

"Let's do it".I said smiling as I placed the test down on the counter.

This is something I really didn't expect...


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