chapter twenty five

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anyway enjoy the angst lol


@CamrianaGrande if I was in a room with Jeffrey Dahmer, Adolf Hitler and Lauren Jauregui with a gun and 2 bullets I'd shoot Lauren twice

@ariscabello @LaurenJauregui fucking die you crackhead whore

@arianacabello97 no offence but like drugregui isn't even actractive idk what c is seeing
   @camrenjauregui @arianacabello97 at least lauren can spell the word attractive

Camila looks at the tweets, blocking every single person from Lauren's account; she'd logged into her girlfriend's twitter through her phone for a 'make Lauren do things' segment in her video this week, and she'd never logged out. When she'd gone onto the account to do just that, she saw the tweets from her fans and she's been obsessively reading them since. She doesn't understand how they can't seem to get it through their heads that who Camila is in love with is her business, not something they can control, and how the hell they think it's acceptable to say all of these things to her wonderful girlfriend. There are other kinds of tweets, positive ones which definitely outweigh the negative, but she knows that it's so hard to focus on the positive when people are essentially sending death threats.

Camila blocks the fans from Lauren's account, and she knows that there's been a lot more hate in the last week or so, since Lauren had casually put in an Instagram caption that she smoked a joint. Camila didn't think anything of it, until she saw the Camriana fans in the comments, acting like Lauren had just killed a man. Lauren insisted that it hadn't bothered her, but Camila knows it had, because she's barely seen her in the last week, and any time she has seen her, Lauren's smiles always seem forced.

If there's one thing she knows about Lauren, it's that she can be very guarded and closed off when something is bothering her, mostly if she knows the thing that's upsetting her could upset someone else if she voiced those concerns. It's not like Camila even needs telling; she knows that the Camriana fans and the constant stream of hate is getting to her, and Lauren is just too nice to actually say hey, your fans are upsetting me.

She goes onto her own account and knows that the tweet she's going to write will be ridiculously long, and decides to leave the fans she'd blocked from Lauren's account unblocked on her own just so they'll see this message. She switches to her notes app in her phone and starts to write, letting everything out, all of the upset and disapproval, because this is affecting her, too. With the way Lauren has been acting over the last week, she's been increasingly worried that Lauren will decide that being with her isn't worth the trouble, and the fans will drive her away for good.

She gets so upset at the thought, and as she screenshots her note and goes to post it, she gets a little distracted by a hashtag some of her other fans are posting.

@ljcabello i think the camriana shippers forget that not only is camila a real person with feelings but so is lauren. real life isn't about ships, and C has basically been glowing with happiness since she met L and all of this hatred over the last week especially because of a JOINT L smoked in DECEMBER is fucking ridiculous. i understand if u don't ship it but it's not like they're fictional characters, they're real people, don't send hate at them or send fucking DEATH THREATS to lauren??? she's done nothing but be good to camila and make her happy, get the fuck over yourselves and leave her alone. #LaurenIsOurPrincess

@camrenjauregui I met Lauren and Camila like 3 months ago and while they were both so sweet, Lauren was literally one of the nicest people I've ever met and she gave me the biggest hug and she doesn't deserve any of this bullshit. Wish i could return the hug right now because i'm sure she's upset. #LaurenIsOurPrincess

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