Chapter 13

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Entering the cafe, Jared looks around, sighing in relief when he finds, he's the only one here. Hands makes their way around Jared's waist and he can't help but smile, how he doesn't turn around. He knows who's hands they are, after all they were all over his body not too long ago.

"Sebastian," Jared purrs, as Sebastian's hands make their way to his front and his lips makes their way to his. The kiss starts out nice and slow, before becoming rough and heated. Sebastian slips his tongue into Jared's, causing Jared to moan and for his cock to harden at a not so distant memory, about just what Sebastian's tongue can do.

A creaking-like sound catches Jared's ears and quickly he breaks the kiss, looking around, to see if anyone was there, especially Dylan. He doesn't know how Dylan would react, if he knew Sebastian and Jared were together, but he would never risk it, for it would most likely split them apart and lord knows he doesn't want that.

Sebastian chuckles and moves his hand from Jared's front to grip Jared's chin moving it so his eyes were locked on Sebastian's. "Relax babe, no one's there." Jared stares at him for a moments, before moving his head to see if anyone's there. Sebastian huffs out a breath, and covers Jared's eyes with his large hand. "Dylan's not here," Sebastian says, his breath hot, against Jared's ear. Jared shivers in delight. "Dylan got a little held up and won't be here for some time." He removes his hand from its spot over Jared's eyes and lightly shoves him towards an empty chair. Jared sits down though still anxious about whether someone saw them heatedly making out. Sebastian laughs, as he gets down on his knees, between Jared's legs. "I don't know why you're so worried about other people seeing us," Sebastian teases. "After all, you did start all this by giving me a blowjob in the middle of work." Jared blushes and mumbles out some lame excuse as Sebastian unzips Jared's pants, reaching in and quickly pulls out his dick. Jared watches as Sebastian licks his lips and feels himself harden to the point of pain. However, Sebastian doesn't do anything, but slowly rub the base of his cock, causing Jared to buck his hips, wanting more. "Sebastian," Jared whines. "I want more." Sebastian just shrugs, but increases his pace only the tiniest bit. Jared moans and gives Sebastian a glare. "Sebastian, please." Watching as a slow grin spreads across Sebastian's face, Jared has the urge to slap it off. "Please, what?" Jared groans in frustration. "Please, suck my cock." If possible Sebastian's grin widens. "Well, then why didn't you just ask?" Jared opens his mouth to snap out a reply when Sebastian swallow his length whole.  

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