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"Tryin' to get rid of me?" Brenna asked with a teasing laugh.

Tony raised his eyebrows and responded in a sassy tone, "as a matter of fact, yes, I am." He chuckled as his daughter kissed his cheek. "Now go on, get," he told her playfully, "you can give him a tour, help him settle in."

"Will do," Brenna replied, then made her way toward the elevator.

• • •

Steve and Sam had just entered the Tower's main level, one of the tallest floors in the building. They each rolled a large suitcase behind them. "This is gonna be some nice living," Sam observed, eyeing the luxurious room they'd entered.

"Steve, Sam!" Brenna practically yelled at the sight of them. She'd been doing something on a transparent computer screen when she spotted them. Clearing the screen, she ran over to meet them.

Giving the young woman a one-armed hug, Steve chuckled. "Brenna, it's good to see you again," he said cheerily.

"I'm just glad your alive," Brenna sighed, giving him a playful smirk. The captain ruffled her hair. She then turned to Sam with the same bright eyes. "I didn't think you were coming," she admitted, "are you staying, too?"

"Nah," Sam responded with a smooth grin, "I've got some stuff to keep up with back in DC. Just wanted to drop by, make sure Cap got here in one piece."

"Well, you're welcome to come by whenever," she told him with a smile, "we definitely have the room."

Sam stiffled a laugh, "yeah, no kidding." He let out a deep sigh, taking in the massive room once more. "Well, I should leave," he stated, "goin' back to work in the morning; assuming I still have my job, after everything that happened."

He handed Brenna the other suitcase and gave her a quick hug. "Don't go doin' anything stupid now that your home again, got it?" He teased.

"Yeah, whatever," Brenna responded with an eyeroll. She punched him lightly in the shoulder, "get outta here."

Sam chuckled and said his goodbyes to Steve, then took his leave. Turning to the captain, Brenna smiled. "Come on, I'll show you your room."

"Right, thank you," Steve answered, following the girl as she began to walk.

"Are you sure you're doing alright?" Brenna asked, "I mean, you were pretty beaten just a few weeks ago."

Steve smiled at the how concerned she was for him. "I'm sure," he responded, "I may not heal as fast as you, but still definitely faster than the average person."

"Good," Brenna affirmed, stopping at an open door. She gestured inside with a crooked grin. "Welcome home."

Steve walked in slowly; it was a giant room, complete with a bed and other furniture. "This is..more than generous," he laughed.

Brenna followed him in and shrugged. "Well, you're an Avenger," she said matter-of-factly, "you kinda deserve a little luxury." She leaned the suitcase against the edge of the bed.

Steve smiled and did the same, taking a seat at the foot of the bed. "I just wish Bucky would've come back," he sighed.

At the mention of his name, Brenna felt her heart leap. Had Bucky not gone to visit his oldest friend, the way he did Brenna? She wanted to assure Steve that the Winter Soldier was doing well, but she wasn't sure if Bucky would want that. So she didn't mention his drop-by a few nights before. "Well, when he comes around," Brenna began, standing infront of Steve, "he'll be welcome here."

Steve gave her a half-hearted grin. "You really think Tony would let him stay here?"

"Oh, god, no," Brenna huffed, a mischievous look on her face, "but I would; my father would just have to deal with it."

A laugh erupted from Steve's lips. He shook his head a bit, giving Brenna a knowing look. "You really bonded well with him, didn't you," he pointed out.

Brenna felt her cheeks heat up. Blushing was never something she used to do. But that was before she fell for the handsome Winter Soldier. "I'd like to think so," she replied coolly, trying not to elude to any of the sweet moments she and Bucky had shared.

The smirk on Steve's face remained, but he decided not to push any further. "That's good," he asserted gently, "you might be just what he needs."

Face reddening even more, Brenna rolled her eyes trying to hide her fluster. "I'll let you unpack and settle in," she changed the subject quickly. She was about to leave, but decided to suggest, "hey, ever since Natasha left I've been without a trainer...you wanna help me out a little later?"

"Sure thing, B," Steve expressed with a kind smile. Brenna returned the smile, then left to annoy her father some more.

• • •

"Impressive," Steve praised, watching Brenna work with her magic. She successfully learned how to use her plasma as a whip and was showing off. After slicing right through a punching bag, she let the yellow plasma coil up around her arm before sinking back into her skin. "You look like you've been practicing."

Brenna walked over to meet the captain, who'd been watching from a bit further back. "I have," she declared proudly, "also, I think I figured out why it didn't hurt you, back at Sam's place."

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