Chapter 33 - Wave

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Ares Collin

"So.. what do you want to eat?" I asked as we walked at the time square. It was her idea to stroll around and since I have no important schedule after this, I'm okay with strolling around.

"Fish and chips."

"Right.. let's go there.. I know one place." I said as we waited for the cross light.

"Are you proud of yourself when you see the result of your design?" Rosie asked as put her phone inside her pocket.

"Yes and I'm quick proud to make someone happy to live in whatever I made and designed."

"If I have extra money, I will hire you." She said and I chuckled nodding.

"Good to know. Come on." I said as we arrived at the restaurant. I opened the door for her and she walked inside. We sat on the empty table and started to look at the menu.

"You want the regular fish and chips?" I asked.

"Yeah and some chicken wings." She said and I nodded. We ordered 2 fish and chips and chicken wings. While we waited for the food, I decided to ask something that I'm curious about.

"I bet a lot of guys hit on you. I mean you're beautiful.. sexy and I bet there's an army of men lining up." I asked and she suddenly trying to take something out from her bag. I raised my eyebrows when she took out a ring.

"Wear this and no one will hit on me." She said as she put the ring on. I chuckled and nodded completely amuse with her idea.

"Nice.. you can wear that when you're not with me." I said.

"If you're worrying you'll have a competition, you won't. No one is interested in me like that. Before they can approach me, I already blew them away." She said and I shook her head.

"I don't believe that actually.. When I saw you entering that bar, you hypnotized me." I said truthfully and she raised her eyebrows.

"Stay at my place tonight.. I'll let you go tomorrow. How's that?" I asked and she looked at me flatly.

"I have work."

"You can bring your work to my apartment."

"I need to be alone when I'm working."

"Rosie.. I'm a little needy today." I said.


"Yeah.. if you're a little needy, you can tell me and I'll be there for you. If you miss me, you can tell me too.. I'll run to you right away."

"Huh? Even though you're in another country?" She asked and I nodded.

"That's impossible." She laughed it off.

"I'm serious.. just say the magic word."

"What's the magic word?"

"I miss you Ares, I need you Ares.. I want you Ares.. Trust me, I'll be there for you in no time." I smiled at her and she chuckled.

"I think I will never need that, you'll be the one who will say those words."

"Oh I will.. and you need to be there for me." I smirked and put my pinky in front of her.

"Promise?" I asked.

"What if I'm busy?"

"You need to come to me, Rosie. Like now.. I'm a little bit needy so you have to stay with me tonight and give me cuddles." I said and she looked at me awkwardly.

"Come on.." I said gesturing at my pinky. She agreed and wrapped her pinky with mine.

"That's my girl." I patted her head.

"I'm still a little bit awkward with this situation and a little bit uncomfortable." She said honestly and I nodded.

"It's okay, you'll adapt to it soon. You're doing great." I said and she nodded. She does a little bit awkward actually, when I'm holding hands with her.. her hand will be so tense that I can feel that she's not used to it. She's not that excited when I kiss her cheek or patt her head, I mean I'm not blaming her, this is her first time and I'm glad that I'll be the one who's going to make her more comfortable each that.

She's learning even though it won't be easy for her but I really appreciate how she wants to try it. Dealing with her never been easy from the start but I'm glad that it's starting to get easier from now on.

"Here's your fish and chips and chicken wings.." The waiter brought out food and oh boy.. it looks so yummy.

"Don't eat it right away.. it's so hot." I said warning her and she nodded. She cut her fish and started to blow it out. I chuckled looking at her. We started to eat and talked about work, our favorite music and even movies. I learnt more about her that way.

After we finished eating, I drove her back to the apartment. When we arrived there, she was going to go out without any words.

"Babe.. not so fast." I grabbed her arm preventing her to go out. She turned to me confuse.

"Give me a kiss." I said and she gave me her cheek instead of kissing me. I chuckled and let her get out.

"Thanks for the lunch." She said before closing the door.

"I want you to stay with me tonight.. remember that."

"Uhh.. I think I have an ear problem.. bye." She closed the door and walked towards the building. I chuckled seeing because damn.. she's cute. Before she can entered it.. I decided to call her.

She looked confuse when she saw the screen and she turned to me. She picked it up anyway and I laughed.

"What?" She asked.

"Can you wave to me? Or maybe blow kisses?"

"You can go to work, Mister.."

"Come on or I won't stop calling you." I said and she stood there waving.

"Happy now?"

"Fine.. I'll see you tonight."


"Bye." I ended the call and she put her phone back into her bag. She waved at me one last time and walked into the building. Now.. I'm ready to continue to work.

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