|| PART III: Cliché vs Unique Tropes ||

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The next few chapters will be detailing what we consider to be 'cliché', as well as tropes that we have seen a countless number of times through our journey as reviewers. In this section, we will break down what exactly makes a story cliché and how to branch away from that, and (with your help!) we will rant about the tropes that are just getting a bit... overwhelming for us! And, yes, that includes the thirty-eight love triangles with sixty-seven different types of boy-bands.

The chapters in this part, thus far, are:

1. Quiz Time! Is Your Story Cliché?

2. Quiz Time! Is Your Poetry Cliché?

3. Quiz Time! Is Your Short Story Cliché?

4. Quiz Time! Is Your Fanfiction Cliché?

5. Love Triangles. Or Squares. Or Pentagons. Or Chiliagons.

6. Types of Best Friends

7. Love at First Sight

8. The Wattpad Drinking Game: Take a Shot with Every Cliché Phrase That Makes You Release the Breath You Didn't Know You Were Holding

9. Good Girl; Bad Boy

10. Types of Antagonists

11. The Alpha-Beta-Charlie-Delta Werewolf

12. Types of Love Interests

13. The Mary Sue

14. Dead Parents [Mum, I'm talking about literature please stop thinking I want to hurt you please just stop looking at my screen thank you]

And, of course, we definitely need to hear what you guys want us to rant about! What are some tropes that you are sick and tired of seeing? We're happy to rant all about it - and even include your thoughts in our chapters! Additionally, what do you want to see more of?

Shoot me a PM or comment below, and we'll take your request into consideration. :)

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