ColeXReader: Dogs Take All The Love(Part 2)

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"Rocky come here boy!" You called, patting your thighs.

Pattering fills the air as the small puppy bounded over to you, it's small pink tongue lolling onto the side. He barked at you as you threw your hands into the air, exciting him.

"That's a good boy Rocky!" You cooed. You handed him a treat.

"How's the training going Y/N?" Sensei Wu asked.

You turned to him, smiling.

"He's learning fast!" You patted your left thigh. He padded up to your left, wagging his tail and panting. "I'm going on a run, I'll be right back."

You tied your tennis shoes, not bothering to use Rocky's leash. It's been nearly a full month since you had found him in the woods, and he's grown, turning not only into an adorable pup but a little scoundrel too.

"I'm heading out!" You stepped towards the door. Before you could open it, it flew open, revealing a frowning Cole. "Oh, hey Cole." You said, your cheeks heating only slightly.

Rocky whined beside you, hopping from paw to paw.

"Are you going on another run?" Cold asked, crossing his arms, blocking the door.

You nodded.

"Isn't this your third run today?" He asked, his voice sounding annoyed.

You blink at him. What was his problem?

"Yeah...I want Rocky to get enough exercise--"

He grabbed your wrist.

"I think he's gotten enough exercise."

You jerked your hand out of his grip, pushing past him. He called after you but you ignored him, jogging down the small dirt path in the woods nearby, Rocky bounding after you. A sigh passed your lips and you continued your way through the woods, Rocky padding beside you.

After an hour or so, you turned back, wanting to head back before it got dark. Rocky growled into the darker parts of the trees, his fur bristling. You turned to call him.

You froze.

A large bear stood there, it's teeth bared, growls escaping its throat. You stood there, frozen in fear. You took a step, stumbling and falling. A scream tore your throat as it rose on its hind legs. You cowered.


Your eyes snapped open as the earth rumbled. You looked to see a large wall of dirt blocking you from the bear. Your body trembled, tears soaking the earth beneath you. Rocky, equally shaken whimpered and crawled next to you, licking your tears.

Thudding sounded behind you and you were scooped into muscular arms.

"Y/N are you okay?!" Cole asked, running his hands over your body, trying to find wounds.

You whimpered when his hand grazed your ankle. He cursed.

"You must have twisted it." He said.

You whimpered when he began walking away.

"Rocky...I need Rocky." You mumbled.

He growled.

"He can walk. You can't."

You shook his head. He sucked his teeth and gently took Rocky by the scruff. Placing him in your embrace, you wrapped your arms around him, nuzzling your face into his fur.

Cole huffed, trudging towards home.

When you reached the dojo, Cole placed you onto the table, taking Rocky from your arms despite your whine. He took wrapping gauze and pulled your tennis shoes from your feet, your foot throbbing as he did. Gently, his calloused hands brushed your soft skin. You blushed, remembering how his hands had carried you from the woods. Nibbling your lip, you watched him wrap the gauze around your swelling ankle.

"I'll put ice on it and I don't want you on that foot until it's completely healed." He ordered.

You merely nodded. A small yip sounded beside the table and you look down to see Rocky whining, his front paws on the table leg, his tail gently waging. Cole scoffed.

"What's wrong?" You asked, raising your eyebrow.


"Every time Rocky is nearby or is with me you always glare at him." Your voice laced with hurt. "Why are you so mean to him?"

He didn't say anything. He only stared. Finally, he stood and headed towards the freezer, grabbing a baggie and shoving ice inside. Once it was filled, he came back, scooping you into his arms and taking you to your room.

"Cole. Answer me." You said sternly as he placed you onto your bed. He pressed the ice onto your ankle.

"Get some rest. And stay off of that foot." He said sternly.

"Cole--" The door slammed before the sentence left your mouth.

You groan, falling backward into the covers. Rocky made his way onto the bed, nestling up into your armpit. You stroked his fur, falling slowly into sleep.


Cole sat in the living room, staring at the black TV, his arms crossed over his chest.

"What's up with you?" Lloyd asked, walking in from the training grounds, sweat dripping from his forehead and a towel around his shoulders.

"That dog is turning Y/N against me," Cole grumbled. "All she does run or train that stinking dog, she doesn't even stop to say hi when I'm training!"

Lloyd rolled his eyes. He sighed.

"You're just mad because she doesn't stop and stare at you when you're training with your shirt off."

Cole whipped his head towards him, his cheeks flushed.

"No I'm--"

"And you're mad that she hasn't made you cake since that pup arrived." Lloyd continued, heading towards the fridge. He pulled out a water bottle, popping the top and taking a swig. "You're mad because she's not paying attention to you."

Cole said nothing, turning away from him and scowling, his cheeks flushed.

"That's not what I'm mad about."

Lloyd rose a brow.

"Oh really? Then tell me, why are you mad at that dog?"

Cole opened his mouth, only to close it. Lloyd was right. Everything he said was right. He liked to see her out of the corner of his eyes when training, staring at his body only to look away blushing. It was adorable to watch. And her cake was the best, the best he'd ever tasted. He growled, glaring at Lloyd when nothing came to mind.

"I rest my case," Lloyd said, taking another swig of his water.

Cole scoffed, lifting himself from the couch and storming away, only to find himself at Y/N's door. He slowly turned the knob, peeking his head inside before his body following suit.

There she was, her h/l, h/c hair sprawled on the pillow, most likely covered in her scent, her eyelashes painting her cheekbones, her beautiful, tantalizing pink lips parted, long deep breaths passing them. He licked his lips. Startled to find himself by her bedside, he lifted a hand, brushing his knuckles against her cheekbone. Slowly his hand made its way down her skin, brushing the flesh of her neck with his fingertips. A shivering breath from her lips left him cursing and pulling back his hand. That breath, she was driving him crazy by doing nothing. He ran his hand through his hair. Screw it. He needed to feel her, badly.

Slowly, ever so slowly, he eased onto the bed, crawling over her body so that his back was nearly against the wall. The pup was in her armpit, against the edge of the bed, and had yet to wake up so he didn't worry about him. He wrapped her in his arms, pulling her against him, intertwining their legs. The puppy whimpered when she shifted away from him, opening his eyes to see Cole's large frame behind her. He readied himself to bark but silenced when Cole pressed a finger to his lips, shushing him. The pup growled and snuggled into Y/N's chest, going back to sleep. Cole followed his lead, only he buried his face in her hair, his lips against her neck, and breathed deeply. She smelled so sweet. He pulled her closer and closed his eyes, welcoming sleep.

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