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"Amber from the sun?" Steve repeated in disbelief.

"Hold on," Tony held his hands up as if to pause the moment. He thought for a few suspenseful moments, then spoke to Thor. "You're telling me, that my daughter," he began, "is being powered by the sun?"

Thor nodded hesitantly. "Yes, that is..what I just said."

"And you didn't think to, maybe, mention that? Before I put it into her body?" Tony demanded. He was irritated that this bit if information was only now being revealed. However, he couldn't be angry; afterall, everything worked out for Brenna.

"Well, that's not so bad," Brenna affirmed with a small smile. "Everyone's switching to solar energy these days."

Steve couldn't hold back his amusement, chuckling at the joke. Tony watched as the captain hugged Brenna's shoulders to his side with anstonished disapproval. He'd been noticing the two growing closer and was not liking the ideas it gave him. As an attempt to split the two up, he decided to move the party outside. He hollered something about fireworks, and soon everyone was funnelling out to the large outdoor space just above the 'A' on the tower's side.

Tony watched in satisfaction as Cap released Brenna to walk outside. Coming up on his side, he began to question him as subtly as possible. "So, you and Brenna are really getting along," he observed with a half smile.

"Yeah, we are," Steve agreed, grinning brightly, "she's got a personality that's just, hard not to love."

"Of course she does," the father blurted out a bit too defensively. As an attempt to avoid being questioned himself, he quickly spoke again. "You, uh, you took good care of her during the whole HYDRA incident, right?"

Steve raised an eyebrow at Tony, but answered none the less. "I did my best," he claimed with a small laugh, "she doesn't exactly listen to authority."

Tony nodded largely. "Right, right," he answered with a sigh. He then moved onto his next question. "But you and her.." Tony dragged, unsure what he exactly wanted to say. He cleared his throat awkwardly and tried again. "You and her are, uh.."

"Tony," Steve interrupted abruptly, realizing the man's concerns now. He turned to face him and grinned in amusement. "She's like a little sister to me," he declared.

"Oh," Tony muttered, then repeated with more confidence, "oh! Of course, good, that's good." He patted Cap roughly on the shoulder.

"I don't think I've ever seen you so flustered, Tony," Bruce's voice came from a few yards away. He'd been standing outside leaning against a tall table top, unintentionally listening to the two men talk.

Tony gave him a frown and reasoned defensively, "she's my daughter; of course I'm..flustered." He admitted to his state reluctantly, making Steve and Bruce both laugh. "You're both jerks," he insulted, leaving the two to continue snickering as he walked away.

• • •

As the guests began to filter out of the party room, Brenna stayed behind. After hearing what exactly the sun opal was she was shaken. She thought she was alone as she went over to the bar and poured herself a glass of red wine.

"If I'm correct, it is not allowed for a woman of your age to drink wine in this realm," Thor's voice came from further behind her.

Brenna turned around awkwardly and gave him a nervous smile. The demigod made his way over to sit beside her. "But, then again, Tony Stark cannot care if he doesn't know," he gave her a sly smirk.

"Thanks," Brenna responded with her own small grin. She took a sip of the wine, scrunching her eyebrows together at the unique taste. Never having consumed alcohol before, it took her a few more sips to get used to it.

Thor gave her a serious look. "It is troubling you," he guessed, leaning forward a bit to prove his concern, "the stone."

Brenna took another sip before setting the glass down and meeting Thor's eyes. "It's just, intense," she confessed, "the sun is so huge and, really quite dangerous...how am I supposed to control that?"

With a slow nod, Thor observed, "you fear the power it has given you."

Looking down at her hands, she focused on her heartbeat, imagining the gentle pulse of her magic. "It always looks so pretty," Brenna explained, "but it's deadly."

There was silence between them for a moment. Brenna finished her wine as Thor began to speak again. "The sun is the source of all life on this planet," he reminded her softly, "it might be fiery and dangerous, but it allows things to grow; it allows people to grow. Without the sun, there would be nothing." Brenna listened intently to the demigod. "I believe you focus too much on the harsh side of your powers," he admitted, "as with the sun, they may be more good than bad. With practice."

Brenna couldn't help but think about what Bucky had told her; I think you just cured me a bit. Maybe Thor was right. She smiled genuinely at him, thankful that he stayed back to talk with her. The demigod smiled back and stood. "Now, come," he offered, "the party awaits."

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