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After Avengers: Age of Ultron, everything remains good. Civil War never happens, nor does Infinity War or Endgame. Many of the Avengers, including Bucky, are living in the new Avengers Facility in Upstate New York.


April 14, 2018 •

"YOUR OTHER LEFT!" Brenna yelled through the earpiece she wore.

Steve quickly turned to his left, dodging the multiple blasts of an automatic gun. However, by doing this, he opened the line of fire for Tony. Seeing that her father's helmet was off, Brenna quickly jumped in front of him. Numerous bullets entered her middle, only to drop back to the ground in seconds.

"Jesus, Honey," Tony shouted in horror. Of course, he knew that she wasn't in any danger. But it was never fun to watch his daughter get shot. "You're not Cap's damn shield; use your magic next time."

"Didn't wanna accidentally incinerate you!" Brenna shrugged, jumping away to take down the shooter. As she raced toward him, more bullets entered her stomach, most going right through her. Over the past few years, however, she'd evolved even more. Her healing had become quicker, only taking a day at the longest. And as for the pain, she'd learned to deal with it fairly well.

Finally meeting the shooter, she ripped the gun out of his hands, accidentally tearing one of his hands completely off as well. "Oops," Brenna muttered, not having meant to do that much. Even after two years of training herself, it was still hard to control her strength in the moment sometimes.

The man let out an inhuman screech, but was quickly silence by a metal punch to the face. Bucky jumped in, landing strongly beside him as he brought his fist to the fallen shooter for a second time. The man was unconscious.

Sam, Tony, Peter, and Steve came over to meet where Brenna and Bucky stood. They'd just had a mission to take out a new, slowly-rising HYDRA base not far from the new Avengers Facility. Every member was killed, except for this man, who would hopefully be giving them answers.

Sam looked down at the man's bleeding arm with disgust, then looked to Brenna. Her black and yellow suit (similar to Natasha's style) was painted with crimson all around her stomach. "That was gruesome," he stated.

"It was an accident," Brenna insisted awkwardly.

Sam shook his head and waved his hands as if to clear the air. "I don't just mean the hand, I mean.." He trailed off as his eyes went down to the holes that littered Brenna's middle. "I mean all of it."

"I can't say I disagree," Steve sighed, giving Brenna a smirk, "you look like a something outta a horror story."

"Hey, at least she got the job done," Bucky implied, putting his metal arm around Brenna's shoulders.

"Peter, do something about that hand, will you?" Tony asked.

"Sure thing, Mr. Stark," Peter exclaimed, quickly webbing where the hand once was to stop the bleeding.

Bucky looked down at Brenna with a small smile. "You're okay, right?" His voice was low and gruff, giving it a sweet-and-sour sound that Brenna absolutely adored.

"Yeah," Brenna answered in a small voice, looking up at Bucky with innocent golden eyes. They weren't the eyes of a killer, not even of someone after vengeance. And it was something Bucky had always found peace in. Brenna didn't fight to kill, she fought to save; to save people who might get hurt in the future. To save people like the way she saved him.

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