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Its been another month and Damien has yet to approve or anything. Every day I ask the doctors why isn't he making any type of progress they just say its up to Damien when he wants to wake up. I was going to the hospital everyday but nothing and the more I go and look at him like that the more I get depress. The only thing that is keeping me going is Kalina I swear if I didn't have her I would be like a lost puppy. I haven't been to the hospital in 3 days because honestly I just need a break because I hate seeing him like that. They eventually found out who shot Damien someone had set him yet. They held his little homie to gun point and made him call Damien over there so they can rob him and kill him. They won't tell me who is was because they want me to stay out of that type of business. I'm just glad they got whoever this to my baby.

Today I finally going back to the hospital after not being there for 3 days I just hope when I get there he improves someway anyway. Kalina is now 6 months old she gets smarter by the day and I try to always bring her with me to the hospital at least for a couple of hours so she can remember who her father is. I'm scared she will forget him especially with him not up physically with her hopefully she doesn't that will hurt Damien. I already got the baby dress and now she is napping. I hopped in the shower quick before the baby wakes up 20 minutes later i'm out the shower brushing me teeth. I look in the mirror I look stressed and I lose some weight maybe 10 pounds but I can see the different. I haven't been eating because all I do is cry and sleep.

Today I refuse to look a mess Iv'e been looking so stressed out I haven't been doing my hair or makeup or nothing so today I plan on getting dress and hoping for the best for Damien. A hour and 15 minutes later I was up and ready to leave I still stay at my dads house because I don't want to be alone at my house while Damien in the hospital.

Rachael POV

Before Damien was shot we was messing around he claimed that him and Alexis wasn't together but Damien always lie

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Before Damien was shot we was messing around he claimed that him and Alexis wasn't together but Damien always lie. But I didn't care if they were together or not I just wanted Damien. I know who Alexis is but she doesn't know who I am. He so obsessed over that bitch Alexis she young as fuck what does she have that I don't. I've been messing with Damien way before her me and Damien was in a relationship before her. Me and Damien dated for six years he was twenty one and I was nineteen when we first started dating. I was in love with him and he just used me for sex I love him though I can't leave him alone. He never loved me but he all in love with this little ass girl it makes me fucking furious.

Damien told me he wasn't ready for kids and made me get an abortion twice and I begged and begged him to marry me he never did. I was with him for six years and he didn't do half of the shit for me that he do for Alexis. They're married and have a baby already she has everything I want. She taking my man away from me and I refuse to let him leave me again. Her young ass can't handle a man like Damien he needs a women in his life. He needs me in his life and I will not let him go this time.

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