Chapter ten

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Luna's pov:
Its now after school and I see the girls waiting for me at the parking lot. I was making my way towards them, but I get pulled by the arm behind a tree. Well this certainly doesnt happen everyday.

I look up to see the person and my eyes meet some familiar hazel eyes. What is with this guy? I swear he's everywhere. To be honest this is kinda creeping me out. Is he stalking me or something?

"Hey, can I ask you something and dont worry I know sign language?," he finally spoke breaking the awkward silence. His voice was deep but not too deep. I could literally listen to his voice all day and not get bored. Its like music to my ears.

Before I could reply with a nod, I feel arms wrap around my shoulders pulling me close to their broad chest. I look up to see the person and its James. Of course its him. Wait a minute. Where the fuck did he even come from?

"Who's this lu?" James says using the nickname he gave me.

'This is Ashton,' I sign gesturing towards Ashton.

'Ashton this is James,' I sign and this time gesturing towards James.

I look at Ashton and see his whole body is stiff and his hands are in tight fists. He looks uncomfortable. I know James looks scary, but is he that intimidating?

'What did you want to say Ashton?' I sign remembering he wanted to ask me something.

"Nothing, its not that important," he says looking into my eyes. Why does that make my heart flutter?

I write down on a piece of paper and give it to him. 'Here's my number if you ever change your mind,' I sign and walk off with James.

As we were walking people were looking at us. They're probably wondering who James was and why I was with him. I choose to ignore them and carry on walking towards the girls.

"Who was that guy?" James asks once we reached my motorcycle.

'That's Ashton,' I sign rolling my eyes.

"No, I mean who is he to you?" He asked in more of a serious tone. I roll my eyes again.

'He's just a classmate, so you don't have to go and act like an over protective brother.'

He nods and walks towards his car knowing he's not going to get anymore answers from me. I smile and drive off with the girls following behind.

Me and the girls decide to head to the gym for a quick workout.
I put on a black sports bra, black shorts, white sneakers and I put my hair up in a high pony tail.

At the gym we see James working out. I look back at the girls and see Kelsey staring at him. Oh my god! Does she like him?

I tap her shoulder and she moves her gaze from James to me. 'Does someone have a crush?' I sign. She blushes. "Is it that obvious?" I nod and watch as she moves her gaze back at James. Oh wow how rude.

I push Kelsey towards James. James looks up and smiles at Kelsey. Aw she's blushing again. To be honest they would make a cute couple. Hm maybe I should try and get them together, after all its obvious he likes her back.

Kelsey and James were talking and then he looks somewhere else and looks at me. I give him a confused look watching as he made his way towards me.

Once he reaches me he covers me with his jacket. 'What's your problem?' I sign at him not knowing whats going on.

"Them," James said dryly pointing to a group of guys staring at me checking out my body. Ew. They are pigs!

The group of boys realise we were looking back at them and puts their hands up in surrender.

"Sorry cutie," one of the guys said with dirty blond hair and dark blue eyes. I roll my eyes and give him the middle finger.

"Ooh feisty I see," another guy says with light brown hair and dark brown eyes. My fists tighten. I was about to do something, but I hear a voice from behind them.

"What's going on here?" I see the guy who said that and it was Ashton...

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