chapter twenty seven

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i started watching that whole ten hour video on youtube of those spanish lesbians and can i say valentina is hot but also like why do they not understand the concept of bisexuals in that show lol as a Certified Bisexual™️ i don't get it

anyway there's like 2 chapters left of this enjoy but am working on a one shot at the moment lemme know if u want details


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Published Jun 23, 2017

"I love being a gaming channel now," Camila laughs, and when she immediately crashes the car into a building, Lauren snorts. "I'm obviously the best driver."

"Give it here, weirdo," Lauren holds out her hand for the controller, "we have like two hours to do this until my brother gets home and yells at us for hijacking his PS4, and I want to steal a plane from the airport."

Camila bursts out laughing, "yes, oh my god. But let's make this interesting."

"Interesting?" Lauren raises her eyebrows, opening up the map and setting a waypoint at the airport. "How so?"

"Every time you die, you take off an item of clothing," Camila winks at her, "and every time you manage to pull off some kind of illegal activity without getting killed, I'll take off an item of clothing."

Lauren laughs like she doesn't realise it's serious, but then when Camila doesn't laugh with her, just smirks, she blinks, "Wait, really?"

"Yeah, it'll spice up this video," Camila grins, "I'll censor it, obviously, I don't want to get demonetised."

She thinks that Lauren is going to shoot her down, but instead, her girlfriend pulls her in for a quick kiss, for the first real time on camera, and smirks, "alright, if you want to show your five million subscribers your ass, that's on you."

Camila raises her eyebrows. "Confident you're going to win?"

"Obviously," Lauren sticks her tongue out, "I'll be sat next to your naked ass after outrunning the cops like ten times."

"We'll see about that," Camila pokes her in the cheek, "you're on, Lern Jergi."

By the end of the video, Camila is down to her bra and underwear, but Lauren is only missing her socks and jeans. "Alright, alright, you win."

"Told you I would," Lauren grins, "now put your shirt back on and do your outro, babe."

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Camila Cabello wow that girl camila is with is like the hottest person i've ever seen i wish she'd taken her shirt off
Lauren Jauregui Come over and I will ;)
camren is real look I know c is joking and all but it's not like she said anything that isn't true

JaureguixCabello they're both so hot what the fuck

Ariana cabello I clicked out of this video
Camila Cabello so you clicked out of my video just to click back onto my video to leave a comment about how you clicked out of my video... thanks for both the views!!! :)

"Happy birthday!" Camila announces as soon as the door swings open, and she practically throws herself on Lauren, pulling her in for the tightest hug. "I can't believe you're twenty-one! You're always going to be my little saviour in my eyes."

Lauren hums into her shoulder, snuggling into her. "Thank you for being here for it."

"Duh," Camila grins as she pulls away, "so, what's the plan? Alcohol? Well, obviously, since it's your twenty-first, but if you're going out to the club, I won't get in because I don't have a fake ID and I look fifteen, so..."

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