Chapter eleven

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I watch as Ashton walks to the front of the group of guys and he looks at me with shock. "What are you doing here?"

'Working out' I sign rolling my eyes.

"Wait you two know each other?" The one with ginger hair and brown eyes said. Im surprised he's not asking why I'm signing instead of talking. Oh well.

"Yeah, thats um Luna." Ashton said scratching the back of his neck.

"Wait, is she the chick your always talking about?" The one with the ginger hair asked again.

"Uh...yh," Ashton said embarrassed. Wait, he talks about me. Why does that give me butterflies? Do I like him? No, I cant I barely know him.

"Well let us introduce ourselves. My name is Landon," the one with light brown hair and dark brown eyes says.

"I'm Hunter," the one with the dirty blond hair and dark blue eyes says.

"And I'm Caleb," the one with ginger hair and brown eyes says.

I look at all of them and I have to admit they all look attractive, but my eyes can't stop looking at Ashton. There's just something about him that's driving my mind crazy.

"Come one we need to go," James says in a dead serious tone. Oh god, he's gone all protective mode. I nod my head in agreement not wanting to know what would happen if I disagree. I wave at the guys and see Ashton tighten his fists glaring at James. What's his problem with James?

When we got home me and the girls watched a couple of movies and ate our dinner which was pizza. We talked about the gang meeting we have coming up with the Vipers. They want to become allies with us beacuse there might be a gang war coming soon.

It was getting late so I headed to bed and went on my phone for a bit. I got a messaged from an unknown number. Thats weird.

(text conversation: L= Luna A= Ashton)

A: Hi
L: who is this?
A: it hurts you dont know who I am, you were the one to give me your number after all
L: oh, its Ashton
A: yep. What are you doing?
L: nothing just lying in bed. U?
A: same. I want to ask you something?
L: so it seems you wanted to ask me a question after all ;)
A: I guess so :)
L: alright then. What's the question?
A: would you go on a date with me?

Do I want to go out with him? I know I might like him, but I barely know him. What should I do? Do I go for it or not?

L: sure
A: wait really!
L: yep, unless you changed your mind.
A: no not at all. I'll pick you up on Friday at 7.
L: sounds good I'll see you there ;)

Me and Ashton talked all night getting to know each other. We played 21 questions and I learnt a lot about him, like what his favourite colour, his favourite food, what instruments he can play, and things about his childhood.

I think im falling for him and I dont know what to do. I've never felt this way about anyone before. I'm scared if I do fall for him he won't feel the same way. One of my biggest fear is heartbreak. It never ends well. I mean look what it did to my mother. She ended up dead. I don't want to go through that. Ugh, what am I going to do? And with that thought I finally fell asleep.

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