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"My wife is here with my daughter what room is she in." I ran up to the desk in the hospital out of breath.

"Whats her name sir?" The nurse asked me.

"Alexis Brown." she typed something in the computer.

"Room 223." I ran to the elevator it was taking to long to open so I took the stairs. I ran up the stairs to the second floor then looking for room 223. As soon as I got to her room door I bust in it. The doctor was cleaning up Alexis head Kalina was in her car seat sleep.

"Baby what the fuck happened." I said worried.

"I'll give ya'll some time to talk." The doctor said before leaving out the room. Alexis had a cut on her forehead that was bleeding.

"Alexis what happened?" I asked again. She called me like 15 minutes saying she was in a car accident.

"Ask that bitch Rachael Damien." She held her head closing her eyes.

"What are you talking about baby I don't talk to Rachael I swear since we been back together." I'm lost I don't know what she talking about.

"She the one who hit my fucking car Damien."

"WHAT!" I yelled furious now because my fucking daughter was in that car good thing she wasn't hurt at all just Alexis banged her head on the steering wheel.

"Yeah and my fucking daughter was in the car with me." she starting crying I walked up to her to hug her.

"Tell me what happened." I rubbed her back to calm her down.

"I was going to the mall because I had order the baby the wrong size shoe so I was bringing it back to return it to get her right size. So i'm driving down the highway and I see the car in my rear view mirror she kept blowing her horn at me. So I got in the other lane to get away from her because I know I had Kalina and I didn't want to fight in front of her. So she followed me into the other lane so I said fuck it ill just get off on the next exit because I didn't want to speed to much with the baby in the car. As soon as i'm about to get off she sped up hitting the back of the car so I tried to speed up so she won't hit it again but she hit me from the side now making me swerve and spin out of control making me hit the rail. Thank god Kalina was fine she was just crying rally bad and the glass broke in the window in the back she had a little cut on her leg but that's it. She could of killed our daughter Damien." she started crying again but harder I was fucking furious Rachael know it's one thing I don't play about and that' my fucking family.

"Ill handle this baby stop crying thank god you and Kalina okay." she wiped her eyes calming down some. "As soon as the doctor come Ill take ya'll home okay baby just try and calm down because you hit your head pretty bad." she nodded her head. About a hour later we was able to leave the doctor gave Alexis some things to follow at home because she hit her head pretty bad so she gave her prescription to fill.

After picking her medicine up we drove home Alexis and the baby was sleep. All I could think about was how much i'm going to torture Rachael. She could have killed Alexis and my fucking daughter and that just not sitting right with me. It's been a couple months since me and Alexis got back together and we've been the best right now. Last week Alexis showed me all the messages that Rachael had been sending her so I called the crazy bitch and the bitch claim she didn't send her them but I know she did because she obsessed with me. So I calmly told her that I will fuck her up if something happens to Alexis the bitch know not to take me as a joke so ion even know why she did this shit today. We had finally pulled up at the house and both of them was still sleep meaning imma have to carry them.

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