Divine Beast Vah Medoh

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"Normal arrows won't put a dent in those cannons. You'll need to hit them with bomb arrows," Teba says and reaches in his quiver.

"I already have some," you say and hold up the left over bomb arrows you were given to defeat Vah Naboris. Link holds up some of his. 

"Alright, that takes care of that," Teba says. "But let me just ask you this: why are you doing this? Why risk your life to bring down Medoh?"

You think about your answer for a second. "To save Rito Village." 

"Rito Village? It's not like you'll get the keys to the village, you know. Well, that's nice... but no changing your mind once you get up there and see Medoh up close. That's fair enough. All set Harth?"

"All set," Harth nods. 

"Get on," Teba says to you and crouches down. You mount his back and grab onto his shoulders, similar to how you did with Sidon. Link climbs on Harth's back and gives you a thumbs up. 

Teba takes off and flies up and out of the Flight Range. The higher you get, the colder the air becomes, and the louder the wind howls. 

Teba flies you in close to Medoh. "Alright," he says, "it's showtime. Man, I feel like I am going to freeze up here!"

'Me too', you think. 

Medoh lets out its call and starts glowing a bright red around its perimeter. "There's Divine Beast Vah Medoh. It has its barrier up again. What a pain..." Teba complains. "Alright, let's go over the plan. See those cannons? I'll draw their fire. While I'm doing that, you and Link will use your bomb arrows to destroy the cannons. If you need to withdraw for a bit, hang in the air and I will find my way to you. Oh and, don't bother in aiming at anything covered by Medoh's barrier. It's impenetrable. And do not get close enough to touch it."

"Got it," you say, "let's go."

You jump off from Teba's back and paraglide down toward the first cannon. It's beam aims at Teba, soaring above, giving you the perfect opening to fire. As you get closer though, you draw its attention and the laser is redirected towards you. 

You draw an arrow and fire it straight into the cannon's eye, only half destroying it. You fire another and watch it explode into malice. You open your glider again and get propelled upward. You look to your right and see that Link already destroyed the cannon on his side. You then make your way towards the other side.

Compared to Naboris, this battle is a breeze. 

You fire the last arrow towards the cannon and watch it get destroyed. Medoh lets out a shrieking call as the light from the barrier disappears into nothing. 

You soar towards Medoh's now exposed back. "Well done, (Y/N)!" Teba calls over the wind. "That thing is history!"

You catch up to Link and glide side by side with him over Medoh. The sight is incredible from a distance. Harth flies by Teba and they both speed towards you two. 

"Bad news, guys," Teba says, "it looks like I got hit pretty bad back there. I think-- I think I need to get back to the Flight Range."

"Oh no, you too, Teba?" Harth says. "Come on, let's hurry on back."

"Right," Teba says and turns back to you and Link. "Head down to Medoh. Good luck! It's all you two!" Teba gives you a thumbs up and changes course to the Flight Range with Harth.

You descend down to Medoh's tail with Link by your side. You land with a soft thump onto the beast's stone surface. 

Oh, how you don't miss this. 

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