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"Antalia" called Lucy as soon as she stepped into the pack clinic, and saw her daughter pacing the length of the corridor, while relax but, intense looking Uncle George sitting there.

"What the hell happened?" Lucy questioned her daughter ignoring her uncle's look or that her mother accompanied her to the clinic, just moment away from the panic attack.

"Well you..."Antalia trailed off "well you see..." again stopped abruptly and turned to face Uncle George and said "you tell her I'm too stressed"

"What? Why me?" Uncle George wined like a kid "why I have to do the hard stuff?" he mumbled

"Well it's not that hard" Antalia retorted

"Then why don't you do the honours?" uncle George said, that made her shut her trap.

"Well anytime soon" Lucy asked annoyed.

"Well you see..." uncle George trailed off, "Well it seems your boy got hitched" then he abruptly said.

"What" Lucy and her mother simultaneously asked totally confused.

"Well what I mean is?" uncle George again said " I think that Jedrck just found his mate, and in order to save his mate from bullies he might have been involved in fist fight with sander's"

Before he even completed his sentence, Lucy was already speed walking to his son room or his mate's room, apparently he won't let anyone enter in the room not his sister and even doctors.

When Lucy reached room assigned to them and without any more thoughts she abruptly shoved the door apart and greeted with not her son but, his wolf in full control hovering over his unconscious mate, growling at her too, cautiously she ventured further into the room and called "Ander it's ok mama I here, no need to hurt anyone" Ander let out a low whine and stopped growling and lent into his mother touch and taking few deep breaths, slowly but Jedrck got back control of his body.

"Ma" Jedrck mumbled embracing his mother in tight hug, and inhaling her scent to settle his still anxious wolf.

"It's ok" Lucy said smoothening his hair "let doctors check him out darling, I'll be here the whole time no need to worry I'm here." With little more coaxing Jedrck relented and soon, doctors came inside and examined the poor boy, which is still unconscious and soon the news of this little incident reached the ears of whole pack and her father too, and not so happy Zeena too .

After a while the boy is still unconscious and Jedrck is worrying out of his mind, Antalia and her mother are here too with them showing their morale support, Antalia sitting beside her twin clutching his hand tightly in hers, and whispering encouraging words to him.

"They really love eachother" her mother said quietly to her.

"Yeah they really do." Lucy mumbled back, smiling at her children supporting eachother.

"How are you feeling?" her mother asked again.

"Fine I guess" Lucy said "but, honestly mess Zeena won't let this incident slide away easily."

"Don't worry" her mother patted her back "no mate will stand by and let his or her mate being abused"

"Oh ma" Lucy said "you would be surprised" before Lucy's mother could comprehend the meaning behind her words , the unconscious boy stirred from his sleep and slowly opened his eyes, only to shut them back abruptly.

Jedrck is beside his mate holding his hand "its fine, you are alright now" boy blinked at him and his gaze soon fell on us frowning he asked "where am I?"

"Well buddy I wish you and my awesome personality can meet in better circumstances, but unfortunately you are in pack hospital" Antalia said smiling too bright at the boy.

"Really Antalia" Jedrck said giving her his annoyed look.

"What? I need to get it across him that I'm the better twin with charming personality and definitely you got the rotting personality." Antalia retorted like it was so obvious.

"Forget about her and think of her as background character" Jedrck say to his mate who looks highly amused by twin's tactics.

"Ok both of you stop bickering and let the poor boy say something and more importantly let him rest" Lucy interrupted her kids and saved the poor lad from their old stupid bickering. "so let me just get the doctor" with that doctors came checked the boy, and Lucy and her kids heaved sigh of relief when they said no harm is done just he has sprained his shoulder and need to take it easy for few days, that's all.

"So what's your name" asked Lucy to the boy who looked little flustered from all the attention.

"oh sorry, I'm Jordy Angston" Jordy introduced himself and blushed when his gazed clashed with Jedrck.

"Jordy cool name" said Antalia before any of us could say anything, Jordy eyes got comically big and he shouted "what time it is?"

"Huh" Antalia asked confused but, it is Jedrck who answered him "it's two in the noon, what? What's wrong?"

"two in the noon" Jordy said flabbergasted "I need to leave" and started to go out of the bed but, Jedrck stopped him "hey you need to rest, you just can't go atleast not before doctors declares you fit."

"But..."Jordy started to explain before he could explain anything, suddenly the door opened and mesh of blonde hairs blurred passed then and landed on Jordy, who stumbled into the bed with oomph.

Caused all of a mini heart attack, but Jordy seemed fine and held that little boy close to him , who is clinging to him real hard? When they finally pulled apart? The little boy slapped the back of Jordy head and stated scolding him "Jordy, I was so worried that they got you for good this time and how many times do I have to tell you to pick me on time from school, boy you need a good spanking" ok that boy got a mouth, Lucy thought to herself.

"Julio, I'm fine and besides how many times do I have to tell you about think before you speak and boy I think it's you who need spanking?" Jordy scolded the boy named Julia apparently. "And I think you seemed to skip your manners and forget about we have people in the room, and besides who was with you? With whom you came here?" Jordy asked the boy Julio.

"geez lots of questions, I came with uncle Randall" Julia muttered and finally his gaze fell first on Jedrck, and slowly rest on us, now he seems shy; hiding his face in Jody's shoulder.

"now you are shy" Jordy teased Julio , who mumbled something only Jordy to hear making him chuckle some more.

"ok let me introduce you to Julio my little, annoying brother" Jordy said, finally after hearing this Julia came up from his hiding place and mumbled hi to us but, his gaze lingered at Jedrck some more.

But before anymore conversation could take place Randall came into the room with grim face with news of me to be present in the alpha's office.

"Well time to face the music."

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