We Meet Again

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In a time long ago, there was a hero, destined to save the world of light from all that threatened it. His fate was to meet Princess Zelda, save her from the evil Ganondorf, and then live out the rest of his days by her side. Both of them reincarnated repeatedly to rule and save Hyrule, respectively.

When my own kingdom, which had been banished from Hyrule, came to danger, I found myself searching for the Princess and the Hero. I found the Princess first, for I knew she would be in the castle. When I asked her where the hero was, she replied that he had not appeared yet, for Hyrule was not in danger. I began searching the land tirelessly for any boy or man that could be courageous enough to help me. As it turns out, he was neither.

His mind and heart were that of a man, though he was the same age as me: the awkward age between being a teenager and an adult.

When I found him, he was a farmer in a small village. I thought I had found the wrong person until the village was attacked. His friends were kidnapped, and he immediately tried to follow, certainly knowing the danger. However, the enemy had put a curse on Hyrule, putting it in a state much like my own kingdom, which has nasty effects depending on the person. Many people became ghosts. Zelda remained the same. And the hero turned into a wolf.

I led Link through many paths. At first, I did it for my own gain, but soon, without meaning to, the Hero taught me loyalty and friendship.

Our journey was long, and we often only had each other for company. When we entered villages, I hid in Link's shadow, but he always took time to smile in my direction if no one was looking.

His voice was gentle, but when he fought monsters, that seemed to go away, replaced by grim determination. I often found myself awed by his grace and power.

To my great humility, I must say that I fell in love.

I realized this very near the end of our journey. It was just as Link was entering his final battle against Ganondorf. Once he was wounded, I knew I had to sacrifice myself. After I thought I had died, though, I woke up on a hill, surrounded by the light spirits. They had also restored my true form, which had been taken from me by Zant.

Link had wordless joy written on my face when I returned, and for a moment I allowed myself to hope. I soon lost what little light had entered my heart, though, when I saw Zelda stand near Link. Their destinies only served to keep them together. I didn't belong in his life.

With a heavy heart, I said my goodbyes. Soon after that, I had destroyed the one bridge between our worlds, never to see Link again.

Or so I thought.


Two years after I broke the mirror, a somewhat familiar face appeared in my Kingdom. She introduced herself as Zelda, and she certainly looked the part, though her hair was a different color.

"I'm a different reincarnation from the one that you know," She explained gently, "I've come here to ask a favor of you."

At my positive response, Zelda continued.

"In my timeline, we have split Ganondorf's soul into four pieces, and we want each to be in a separate dimension. The Link from this world seems to trust you greatly; could you keep this safe?" She holds up a chest made of stone. It looks as if it could hold a ceremonial dagger, though I know it holds a much greater evil.

"I can do this for you, old friend."


Only six months after that experience, the sorceress Cia entered my realm in search of Ganon's soul. When I refused to tell its whereabouts, she cursed me with her magic. I soon found myself back in imp form.

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