Chapter 18 : Family Of His Own

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2 Months Later

Vihaan still couldn't get used to the feeling of driving his own bike, to the place he called home for the past two months. If someone told Vihaan a year before that such things could happen, he wouldn't have believed them, but it did and now he often felt indebted to his sister.

Vihaan always thought it was his job, his responsibility to ensure Anjali got a life she deserved, a life filled with security and comfort that he couldn't provide for his sister but in the end, it was because of Anjali, he found out what it is to have a family.

And he knew it wont last, he knew it was until Anjali gets comfortable with her family, yet Vihaan felt like he got a family who actually cared about him, even if it because of his sister. His own mother choose to love her daughter, but hate him instead, and yet Divya and Rajeev had accepted a complete stranger into their home for their daughter.

When he entered the house he heard his sister laugh and followed it to the kitchen and the sight before him made him smile. Anjali and Divya were in the kitchen cooking something delicious, the mother daughter duo were playing with dough and a laugh erupted from him at the sight of his sister who was covered in dough .

At the sight of him, the little one jumped from the kitchen counter and rushed into his arms. And as he lifted her, she made sure his black shirt was painted white by cuddling to him. Only then he turned to greet Divya who looking at them with a smile of her own.

At first it had been awkward what to call them, Since Rajeev had been just a mere 10 years older than him and Divya was 7 years older than him. Divya insisted to be called Di, and told him she had never had a younger brother to pamper. Which created an unusual dynamic in the house at first.

When Anjali followed him and started calling Divya di, he had to correct her often and yet she never called Divya mom yet. It was still new to the little girl. With Rajeev, he did feel like a younger brother from the way he took interest in his life.

When he first found out, Vihaan had no mode of transport of his own. Rajeev insisted that Vihaan use his own bike as he could no longer take it out due to security concerns. At first Vihaan considered it as a loan, until two weeks later Rajeev asked him to sign some papers which was related to the bike being registered in his name instead.

Vihaan refused to accept it and Rajeev insisted on it until they got into a standstill which only got broken when Divya di stepped in, Vihaan felt honor bond to accept it after her insistence.

"It is a gift Vihaan, Not a show of wealth. It is not charity, it is not pity . Just a gift from your sister and if you cant accept that, then it meant you are not really considering me as one." Divya di's voice held the tone of persuasion that Vihaan couldn't refuse back then or any time after that when Rajeev decided to step in for him.

" Mom and I are baking cookies, Chocolate chip cookies" Anjali's voice broke him out of his thoughts, he thought he misheard until he saw the tears of happiness in Divya di's face . It should have made him happy and it did, but he knew his time was running out, and yet he smiled back as he let the two of them cook together and headed to his room. Well temporary room anyway.

In the confines of the room, he decided it was time for him to search for a new place. Vihaan didnt want Rajeev bhai or Divya di to be the one who asked him to leave and neither did he want them to accept his stay because they cant speak up, and with his mind made up. He drifted off to sleep feeling unbridled sadness at the loss of a family.


Lavanya was walking towards her class, when she saw him. His back was turned towards her and she quickly headed off in the different direction, it has been over 46 days since she returned back to college.

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