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Sophia's POV
You know that feeling when your called up to the front of the classroom to present your projects to the class. So, you get up and walk down the isle through the desks and everyone's staring at you. That's how it felt. Titus' arm around my waist, Brody by my side, and Jacob and Tala in Titus' other side. As we walked by the pack members stood up and submitted.

"I feel underdressed," I whisper to Titus. I was wearing a plain dress but it felt like I needed to be dressed up more.

"You're fine sweetheart. You can what ever you'd like," he says planting a kiss on my temple. I heard a faint growl near the back of the room.

Titus stops walking making everyone look up. His arm keeps me from moving to far away from him. His head snaps towards the faint growling I heard.

"Move aside," he says lowly in his Alpha tone. The harshness in his voice made my wolf want to submit and back away but I stood by his side.

People parted the isles in between the tables like the Red Sea did for Moses. In the middle of the isle at the back stood the She-wolf that kissed my mate.

"Lyra what do you think you're doing, threatening my mate and your Luna," he said raising his voice with each word. So that's what her name was Lyra.

"Titus baby you know she's not your real mate, I am," she says seductively. Titus lets out a low growl.

"How dare you act that way in front of the whole pack," he growls. "You're dismissed from dinner and the pack run tonight."

She lets out a scoff and walks out one of the side doors. Titus walks back to me and we continue walking. We came up to a large table with two large chairs and three smaller chairs but larger than the normal Charles everyone else was using.

Titus pulls out a chair for me and I sat down. Titus sat to the right of me Brody sat two seats down from me and Jacob sat next to Titus.

Jacob handed me Tala, who was still out. I let her sling her legs on either side of me and lean on my chest. Omegas came around holding platters of food and set them down on all the tables.

If this pack was like my old pack, that means the Alpha Female had to eat before everyone else can. Titus took a plate and piled food on it. He took a fork and twirled spaghetti in it, my favorite.

He held the fork up to my mouth and I looked at him shocked. Him feeding me right now is showing everyone his love for me. He gives me a small nod so I opened my mouth and ate it. Everyone cheered and started taking food.

"Tala you need to wake up for dinner," I whisper to her and lightly tap her. She looks up at me and lets out a small groan.

"There's spaghetti," I said bribing her to wake up. Her head shot up and I let out a laugh. I put her in the seat next to me and take and put give it to Tala.

"Here," Titus says putting a pill into my palm. "Dr. Jones told me to give these to you, one before breakfast and one before dinner for a week."

I nod and take it with a large sip of water. I looked over at Titus' food and saw that he hadn't touched any of his food.

"Are you going to eat?" I ask him. He shakes his head and I looked at him with confusion on my face.

"I'm waiting for you to finish your face your food," he says holding another spoon full to my mouth. I grab his hand and put it back on my plate.

"That's stupid, your food is going to get cold and then I'll feel bad and you don't want me to feel bad right?" I said using that card and doing my best puppy eyes.

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