Chapter thirteen

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Kelsey's pov:
Its been a couple of weeks since I've met Luna and she's became one of my bestest friends as well as Mamie of course.

I've been spending more time at Luna's and I might of gained a crush on James. No one knows about it and I would like it to stay that way. I dont think he would like me back. He probably only sees me as his little sister's bestfriend and a gang member. Ugh, why did I have to get a crush on him from all people?

Anyways today Luna has to go back to school, the place where she was bullied for being mute. If anyone says anything to her or even looks at her the wrong way I swear to god they are going to wish they were dead.

Me and Mamie of course decided to go to school too. We wanted to show our support to Luna and we dont want her to face everyone alone. She needs us there and thats we are going to do. Im going to say this now, I know me and Mamie are bestfriend goals.

Anyways, I get ready and put on a long, white jumper that goes up to my knees, blue denim shorts and white sneakers. I do my blond hair in loose curls and do some natural makeup. When im done, I head downstairs to meet the rest of the girls and we leave.

Once we arrived at school everyone was looking at us. They seemed confused. Me and the girls choose to ignore them and link arms making our way down the halls. Looking around I see guys giving lustful looks and girls giving looks of jealousy. I give them my middle finger and carry on walking.

Wr arrive at the office and me and Mamie grab our schedules. We Look at each others schedules and realise we have some classes that are the same as Luna's. Luckily we have first period together beacuse I wasn't planning to leave Luna to go and face her bullies alone. What kind of friend would I be if I did?

We enter gym and everyone was looking at us. What is it with people and staring, like seriously? This school is creepy AF.

Im not going to go in too much detail, but the teacher asked us questions and Luna being, well Luna gave her sarcastic answers that we all love.

During the lesson we were sitting on the benches while the class were doing sports. Me, Mamie and Luna were talking then I notice she wasn't paying a attention. How rude!

I move my gaze to where she was looking and I see her staring at this guy and he was doing the same thing. Aww, does my bestfriend have a crush? Wait, why wouldn't she tell me? I'm going to beat her ass. Okayyy....maybe I'm being a bit of hypocrite since I haven't told her my crush, but still.

Its now after school and me and Mamie were waiting for Luna by the parking lot. How long does this hoe take? I love Luna and all, but she's always late and its piss taking. Im going to beat her ass if she doesn't hurry up.

I finally see Luna coming, but she gets pulled behind a tree by this guy. He looks like the guy from gym. Me and Mamie were about to go there, but I see James. Where the fuck did he come from? What is it with all these hot guys coming out of nowhere?

He asks me where Luna is and I tell him she's behind that tree with some guy. James stiffens and makes his way there. I dont bother going knowing James has it all under control. I love it when he gets all protective. Snap out of it Kelsey! It is not the time to be crushing over James.

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