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Its exam season kidz. These chapters are pre-written though. I'm on chapter 28 and I'm real excited for a chapter coming up in maybe the 30's.


"Julian! Bud that's not how you do it," Aleks yells from the field before tossing the football and jogging over to Julian attempting to grill.

I'm sat with my legs in the pool while Keanu swims with Talia.

There's a bunch of guys I used to be real close with back when I was on the team. Mathew, Sean, Calum, and some others.

"You seem bored," Keanu says swimming up to me. I shrug.

They all seem so lame and boring. Everyone just sits around and chats about sports or gossip.

"You love these things, what's up?"

"Nothing. Just tired."

"Go get your swim trunks on and get swimming."

Yeah, and have everyone see the ridiculous tattoo on my lower stomach? No thanks.

"Uh... no I'm tired."

If I was with Leo and all them I would immediately have to throw my phone, knowing one of them would push me in. However, this group would never.

I stand up and walk up to where Aleks is lecturing Julian on how to grill hot dogs.

"Not inviting Liv?"

He looks at me. "No. Not around these people."

I sigh before making my way back to the pool.

Mom: where are you?
Andrew: Aleks' BBQ

I stare at my phone trying to think the last time I spoke to Leo. Wasn't that long ago, I'm pretty sure it was yesterday.

I click his name and go to text him before Keanu snatches my phone and tosses it to the grass way over. "Get off your phone and get in the pool," she says.

"I was texting my mom," I groan.

"Oh c'mon, swim will ya? You've been a lame lump ever since you met my brother."

"I think I'm going to leave," I say standing up and walking over to my phone.

I text Mia instead.

"Where you going?" Keanu continues to nag.

"To see some people."

"My brother?"


I walk out of the backyard to my car before deciding on calling Mia asking to hang. She tells me to meet at the camp ground.

Twenty minutes later I drive through the overgrown pathway to where the pond that we all swim in is.

"How did you get here?" I ask once I walk up to the trailer.

"I had Liv drop me off last night," Mia says sitting at the bench.

"Why did you stay overnight?"

"Can't go home right now. My mom and step dad kicked me out."

I sit down across from her. "Woah, what? Why didn't you say anything?"

"It doesn't matter. This place is safe."

"Yeah but it has no running water or anything. Stay at mine for a bit."

"Your parents wouldn't like that."

"I know they wouldn't but I don't care. We have a spare room. Please Mia."

"Your girlfriend also wouldn't like that."

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