Chapter 42 - Words

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Roseanne West

When Ares slowly turned his body away from me, I turned on the lamp beside my side of the bed. I took my iPad from the table and started to continue to write my book.

Break up.

What if.. maybe in the future.. we break up? Will I be okay? Will he be okay? Will everything be the same or I will have the same breakdown?

I hate to think about it but.. it's something that I have to.. risk in the future. Saying yes to date him was a really big deal to me.

I kept writing and writing my book when suddenly Ares turned his body facing me. I smiled looking at him. He susprised me by coming early and even came to the set to be with me. I caressed his head and kissed his forehead.

How can I not open up to this person? Ares is such a good guy that I always think that I don't deserve him. He deserves more than just a girl with a rough past. My heart starting to surrender to him a little bit and it's a really big deal for me.

Surrendering my heart to him means I'm 10000% ready for everything. I know he won't be like other guys who will just play me and throw me away. I know that he's genuine, it's just.. I'm the problem.

I can't even tell him that I'm Elena Parker yet.. why am I so afraid? Deep down inside of me, I still want to keep the line between me and Ares even though I'm starting to step on it a little bit knowing that being with him will always be safe.

Suddenly I have an idea for my book and it's about my story and Ares. I smiled as I'm writing the ideas on my note when suddenly Ares grabbed my hand. I froze and he pulled me closer. I put my iPad back on the table and he pulled me closer.

"Why are you not sleeping?" He mumbled.

"A little bit of work." I said.

"Sleep.. you're tired." He said and I found myself turning off the lamp. He pulled into his arms and I can feel his breath on my skin.

"Don't even try to wiggle out from me." He said and he got back to snoring. I chuckled and closed my eyes. I felt asleep after that.

"Rosie.. babe." I slowly opened my eyes and found Ares already dressed nicely in his suit.


"I have an emergency meeting suddenly.. I'll be back in 2 hours." He said and I nodded.

"Okay.. I have a meeting too." I said as I turned to reach my phone. Ares took it for me and I checked that it's 8 a.m already.

"Okay.. I have to go now.. I'm sorry." He said and I smiled nodding.

"Okay." He gave me a peck on my lips and he walked out from the room. I quickly got up and made the bed really quickly before going out. I have a meeting at my house in 1 hour so I have to get ready quickly. I walked downstairs to my apartment and quickly took a shower.

I waited for my team to come by sitting on my meeting room writing some ideas on my notes. I looked out the window and found reflection there. I found myself look more alive.. more happier..

Ares changed me a lot and I just can't.. I don't know how to thank him for this.

My door bell rang and I quickly walked out from my meeting room to open the door for my team. They walked inside to the meeting room and I brought all of them some snacks and water.

"Ms. West, we have the final editing and some cover designs for the new book. Maybe you can choose again, we tried to follow your order last time for the cover so.." Jeremy said and I tried to check on the designs. I nodded looking at all of it and I ended up picking the dark blue cover because I think that color suits the most with the book.

"After you read the final editing, let us know so we can start produce the book." He said and we started to talk about other things such as translating the book from english to spanish, indonesian and even russian.

After they all taking notes for the meeting, suddenly an idea popped out from my mind. I was so nervous to say this but.. I thought about the book that I'm currently writing right now and I think..

"I have an announcement to make." I said and they all looked at me waiting for me to tell them what's on my mind. I looked at them nervously and I took a really deep breath and let it out.

"I'm currently writing a book right now and.. if.. this book going to be publish later on. I've decided to.. show myself publicly." I said and they all looked at me with their eyes popping out from their skull. Some of them blinked a few times like making it sure that it's not a dream.

"Ms. West.. are- are you sure?" Terry asked and he was one of the people who kept giving me these ideas.

"Please don't take that words back." Tina said and I looked at them bored.


"When will the book finish?" Jeremy asked.

"I don't know.. maybe 4 months or more. It's new." I said and they looked at me sadly.

"Why can we just.. do this batch?" Terry asked as he pointed at the book that we're going to publish in a month or less.


"Oh come on.. one of your books are currently in the process of shooting so.. it's-"

"The movie will come out next year and if my next book is finish.. it will be less that a year." I said looking at Tina completely annoyed.

"Right." She said as she let out a small cough.

"Why did you change your mind?" Jeremy asked in a careful tone.

"Ask that once again, I will take my words away." I said coldly and they shout their mouths immediately.

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