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Time flies quickly and in no time it's Halloween.

Mia invited me to hangout with the others but in all honesty, things would just be awkward. I haven't talked to Leo since my competition in September. I don't see him around Keanu's home. It's just like I travelled back in time to last year when I vaguely knew she had a brother. It's like summer didn't happen. As much as that upsets me, I have to cut him out of my life.

"We need to be going now," Keanu says as I take my time texting Julian asking if he's arrived yet.

I'm currently sat in my car, parked down the road from Aleks' Mansion.

"Could you choose a more basic costume?" I say looking up to her. You guessed it, she's a cat.

"At least I tried. You have dollarama fangs in and that's it," she snaps back.

"Let's go," I sigh.

We get out of the car and walk to the mansion blaring music. Luckily the lots on this street are spaced out enough neighbours won't be annoyed.

Currently, Aleks' parents are at my house along with Keanu's, Julian's and some other people. All the kids at my school are pretty tight, it's a small school. All our parents are pretty close too.

"Fuck, I've been wearing these heels like twenty minutes and already they're giving me a blister."

"Then why did you wear heels?"

"To look nice! Gosh you dimwit. Why do I wear makeup? Because that isn't any fun for me either."

I groan. "You on your period or something?"

"One, no. Two, fuck you."

I already need a drink.

We show up at the front door and walk in. I ditch Keanu as quick as possible when I see Julian holding a beer.

"Hey, you never texted me back," I say.

"If I was on my phone at a party, that's a sign that this place is fucking boring." He already sounds tipsy.

"Don't tell me you're a baseball player," I say referring to his costume. He's just wearing his baseball clothes.

"I am."

"Well, I know you are. You're wearing your baseball clothes."

"And what are you?"

I show my teeth. "A cheap slash lazy vampire," I say.

"Good. Wow seems like you enjoy this holiday."

"I enjoy the excuse to drink. Where the hell is the the alcohol?"

"Woah calm down." He laughs. "I'm not sure. Aleks handed this to me and went upstairs with someone I didn't see who." He may be an asshole but assuming him and Liv are a thing, he wouldn't see anyone else.


"Yeah. She was wearing a tutu and I think a top at one point but just a pink bra."

"That sounds like Liv."

"You think?"

"Duh you idiot," I say. I sigh thinking of how much I miss all them.

I leave Julian to the other room where some friends of mine are.

"Aye! Andrew!" Mathew calls. He looks ridiculous in a banana costume.

"What the hell are you wearing?"

"I lost a bet to Sean," he says.

I laugh a bit. "Damn. In that case this is boring. You should be a princess or something."

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